Q: Why is Joe Lieberman’s position useful for Harry Reid?

Posted: October 28, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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A: Because he provides cover for democrats.

As we have said over and over again and as I had to argue with my liberal nephew on the way home from game night last night, Democrats KNOW what “Obamacare” is. They KNOW what it will do and they KNOW who it will benefit and it isn’t the people.

Most importantly they understand that if no republicans support them they not only don’t have the fig leaf of pseudo bi-partisan. So democrats would have to be the people responsible.

Lieberman give him a non-democratic excuse for failure and most importantly makes the villain the person the nutroots hates the most, so no blame goes to the party.

In the midst of writing this post Harold Ford said the same thing. Great minds think alike.

I don’t know if this is due to Lieberman’s actual beliefs or his Insurance connections or if he is doing Reid a favor. (Remember he COULD push Lieberman out of any Committee chairmanships or sub committee chairmanship to give pressure) but there are two winners in Lieberman’s move.

1. Harry Reid it gives him Plausible deniability.

2. The American people because every day that this doesn’t pass is good for us.

Newsweek et/al may not understand it (or maybe they DO and are playing along) but stories like this:

If Harry Reid were Jerry Seinfeld, he’d probably be snarling the name “Lieberman” through gritted teeth right now, in true Newman-esque fashion. The Connecticut senator announced this afternoon that he’ll join a Republican filibuster of the health-care bill unless the public option provision is changed.

Are music to his ears, and I note that when you search that part of the story comes up without the click but the next sentence:

In doing so he’s effectively cleared the way for other fence sitters, like Evan Bayh, Ben Nelson, and Blanche Lincoln to do so as well, and avoid taking as much heat.

Doesn’t. Maybe they do get it. Just look at the liberal blogs, Bayh, Nelson and Lincoln aren’t the villains. (Sorry about the potty mouths but they are liberal blogs)

Hey guys you are being punked, and it isn’t by Lieberman, it’s by Reid.

Update: Legal Insurrection has a longer list of better known liberal blogs who are angry. They are being punked and don’t know it either.

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