Dede: the next Olympia Snowe

Posted: October 28, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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To explain why this is so all you have to do is look at the White House and Olympia Snowe and the MSM.

Of course most people understand the basic fact that whenever Dede Scozzafava votes with the democrats that will free one Blue Dog vote to help protect their re-election chances. That’s the thing everyone notices, but what is everyone missing.

The moment Dede votes with Pelosi that bill becomes “bi-partisan” by definition. The fact that it is only one republican will make no difference, the MSM will trumpet it as “bi-partisan”. When ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBCBET wants to talk to a republican on an issue SHE will be the one they call. She will become the face of the republican party that will be pushed and lionized. She will be the reason why “conservatives need to back off”.

The reality of all of these things will not matter, the media will push them as if it was true. If you don’t believe me look at how they treat Olympia Snowe, Look how they treated Chuck Hagel, Look how they treated Chris Shays and of course look at how they treated McCain when he wasn’t running for president. Republicans who attack republican positions are always welcome in the limelight.

And even better they don’t have to have actual conservatives on, they already have a republican to talk to.

This is the trap that the NRCC is falling into. If we fall for it we have nobody to blame but ourselves.

Vote Hoffman

  1. Adrienne says:

    I would add two more reasons not to vote for Dede. I know you will think these childish and petty, but really they’re not. They do say something about this women.

    1. Her nickname is childish. Her real name is Dierdre, and she should use it.
    2. She looks like he**. Ill fitting clothes in the wrong colors. An improper bra (her puppies are just not where they should be.) Horrible hair and what appears to be an almost complete lack of makeup. How we present ourselves to the world speaks volumes about who we are.

  2. […] S. Without a doubt defeating her as a republican is the single most important outcome of this race. Even if the election is lost on Tuesday we have won big but the party doesn’t get […]

  3. […] 4. Sarah Palin Her selection was considered a high risk/high reward move by McCain. She did the same. If Scozzafava had won the media would have trumpeted this as the defeat of Sarah Palin, if Owens wins they will still do that. But Palin got out in front of every other major republican and conservative and put it on the line forcing others (Hi Tim Pawlenty) to follow. The created a domino effect of money and attention eventually forcing the withdrawal of Dede the angry and the deployment of the Vice president turning a Doug Hoffman victory into a not only a win for the Tea Party/conservative movement but becomes a loss for the Administration. Update: And even a Owens win becomes small as it is simply one more democratic vote in a large majority, a vote that will have to be defended in one year. She will take the media hits but she did the party a huge favor. […]