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…was involved in something underhanded?

Perish the thought.


Vote Hoffman

…on customer service.

I’ve already told you about my son and his Apple and how poorly things were handled in a Customer Service bit:

Oh and did I mention the sheer anger of my son? He has a half a century of buying of computers ahead of him. He is very catholic and will have kids. How many apples do you think he will buy? How many times do you thing this story will be repeated over the decades?

By an odd coincidence his car needed serious repairs, Brought it down to John’s place (oddly named Paul’s Auto Repair even though he is the only guy there) and in addition to parts it was going to take over a full day for the physical repairs. I had an old radio to put in but the wires were cut and it couldn’t be used.

He was booked up for quite a while when I dropped the car off but this morning we went to pick it up. I made it clear to my son that he was paying for these repairs himself and when a friendly great Aunt offered to help I requested that she not so he would learn about expenses.

Well much to my surprise when he gave the price it was under $500 ($460 to be exact). In addition he found a used radio and put it in so he finally has music.

After my VERY grateful son left I thanked John. He said he knew it was his first car and his first car bill so he wanted to give him a hand, and he also knew about the Apple and figured he might need the extra money to pay it, and he didn’t want to leave him without a radio. (The car had none).

So for the rest of his life my son will remember this mechanics and the favor he did him, he will also remember that the money he didn’t have to pay to fix the car was enough to pay a 3rd party to fix the Apple.

Where do you think he is going to get his cars fixed for the next 2 decades? Where do you think his brother will go? He friends? How many times will this story get repeated? Who do you think he will be tweaking on Facebook?

And most importantly with all the money he will save over the years dealing with John how many PC based systems will he buy for his kids and himself instead of Apples?

Even if he never gives him another discount again he has earned his business. Hey Stevie Jobs and company you paying attention?

…even if every thing the environmental left says will happen happens it hit me that the Planet won’t be destroyed.

Humans may die, or have it tough but nature will re-assert itself.

Since according to our friends on the environmental left humans are the problem won’t the destruction or the decimation of the race be good for the planet? Doesn’t it show that the Earth will self correct itself?

If you want to believe this stuff you go ahead and believe it, but don’t worry, even if nothing gets done and you don’t get those hundreds of millions in grants to save the world (and by pure coincidence give you a very comfortable living) that world will save itself by killing you.

So don’t worry be happy!

If you want the whole video click here.

Of course if you want something full sized up front there is this:

Atomic ObsessionMy Amazon vine review of John Mueller’s book Atomic Obsession is available at here.

This book was the hardest I’ve ever had to rate, the best parts are must read points that are often ignored when trying to push through bad legislation and funding and the bad parts containing revisionist history are weak.

So read this book for the good parts and note the bad parts.