Do you hear the crickets on the networks…

Posted: October 24, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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…concerning the Palin endorsement of Doug Hoffman?

Granted I hit the sack around 10 last night and I did watch Monk instead of news last night (It was very funny).

I’ve seen no TV coverage particularly among the non-fox people. Morning Joe didn’t even find it worthy of mention.

However the Washington post does have this story which on the heels of their endorsement and then scoffing of Deeds is ironic:

And if Hoffman loses? If Republican Dede Scozzafava beats him and Democrat Bill Owens, it will humiliate Palin — who was she to presume that her endorsement would matter in New York? More than anything, though, Palin’s endorsement probably makes an Owens victory more likely. That would not just be a humiliation for Palin. It would be a notable loss for her party as it is trying to shake off years of electoral debacle. Of course, it’s possible that Palin isn’t actually planning to run in 2012, leaving her free to ignore such strategic concerns and endorse as she pleases. If only.

So the media strategy seems to be downplay or ignore Palin’s involvement in the Ny-23 race at a time when it could actually help Hoffman win, but lay the groundwork to blame her for a Democratic win.

I predict that if Hoffman loses the National media will suddenly notice Palin’s involvement and trumpet it as ineffective. This is the talking point that is being prepared.

Vote Hoffman

Update: Big Lizards gets it

Heh. I always love it when liberal Democrats give Republicans and conservatives helpful advice on getting our mojo back. (For further amusement, the blog Stromboli, or whatever his name is, writes for is titled “PostPartisan”!)

I suspect that if Palin draws the ire of liberals by endorsing Hoffman, she’s on the right track. In any event, she is already alienated from the moderate-liberal, neocon, GOP-establishment leadership. But this was also true of Ronald Reagan (cf. Don Regan, George Schultz, et al): The Realists (the establishmentarians of the 1980s) hated Reagan, and some made it clear that they would rather see Carter or Mondale win than Reagan.

To answer his point about the realists, realists will never go with a Palin or a Reagan, because that means instead of just enjoying the largess of office they have to assume the responsiblities of it. Much better to collect the money and go to parties.

  1. bunkerville says:

    Looking at the candidate’s position, sadly, the Democrat would be much more conservative in the worse case scenario. The MSM will not mention that fact.Newt let the conservatives and Republicans down. If it walks like a Dem, Talks like a Dem, then it is a Dem.

  2. Matthew says:

    My site carried an interview with Hoffman today. Check it out.

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