NY-23 The Hoffman dollars keep coming…

Posted: October 23, 2009 by datechguy in internet/free speech, opinion/news
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Robert Stacy McCain is so all over this story:

First he has the clip of the Armey endorsement speech and gets a photo with the man from Texas who doesn’t care what Charles Johnson (peace be upon him) thinks.

Then after getting Beck’s interview online gets a call that the Palin endorsement have been worth a fortune.

Doug Hoffman raised $116,000 on Thursday.

But he still has time to give credit to Jumping in Pools for first suggesting Palin endorse. However I disagree with this statement:

BTW, don’t be puzzled if the Hoffman campaign doesn’t make a big deal out of Palin’s endorsement. Because she’s been so unfairly demonized by the MSM, Palin’s status with independent voters is kind of problematic right now (let’s hope Oprah can fix that). So don’t expect to see Hoffman TV ads in NY23 shoving the Palin endorsement in voter’s faces.

I disagree, if the media really thought Palin was that unpopular they would be trumpeting her endorsement to hurt Hoffman, in addition she adds up to ratings. You don’t get ratings by featuring unpopular people.

BTW I just saw the Cavuto interview as it went on that he mentioned. What a boring interviewer. How does he ever manage a show?

the News is so big that Hotair is linking.

Hey Apple NRCC do you figure on sinking any more dough on Dede Scozzafava and alienating your customer contributor base any more?

Vote Hoffman.

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  1. smitty says:

    Cavuto probably got handed the questions at the last minute.