Apple customer support vs Squat. Squat Wins!

Posted: October 23, 2009 by datechguy in amazon reviews, tech
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Well my son and I drove an hour to the nearest apple store and were coldly informed that they will charge us $1100 to fix the machine he paid $1500 for less than two months ago. (Plus $200 for extended warranty)

Even worse than this was the cold customer service that reminds me of the NRCC’s attitude toward conservatives in NY-23, the old we have your money now do what we say business.

Since 2000 I’ve been doing computer support and customer service, I’ve seen all kinds of customer service, the Natick’s Apple store’s customer service wouldn’t pass for customer service in the old soviet union.

So congratulations Apple, you’ve managed to alienate me, a fellow who recommends computers to people and buys them on a regular basis. On the basis of the customer service I received it is impossible that I would buy an Apple for my other son. The chance that I will purchase one during my say 20+ years of computer buying is now zero.

As I have a large Sicilian family this story is going to be repeated among them, we Sicilians are very clannish, what are the odds that we won’t go elsewhere?

A week doesn’t go by when I’m not asked about what computer to buy, guess what I won’t recommend? What are the chances I would do so to any person I know or friend and customer I want to keep?

Oh and did I mention the sheer anger of my son? He has a half a century of buying of computers ahead of him. He is very catholic and will have kids. How many apples do you think he will buy? How many times do you thing this story will be repeated over the decades?

That doesn’t even count this blog and the visitors who come on a regular basis.

And I almost forgot, I happen to be a top 1000 reviewer at, you’ve heard of them I trust. I wrote a review of his computer over there, and I wrote it at the apple store.

So smart move Apple. Who needs those potential sales anyway?

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  2. kahall says:

    I hope you get the same kind of response James Lileks recently had regarding a certain appliance company he was not happy with. You’re probably familiar with it. So he just shut the lid and reopened it half an hour later and it was all busted up? I guess I can see how they would have a hard time believing that but if that is what happened then that is what happened. Is your son going to have it repaired or not? I have a feeling it will all work out in the end but you should keep blogging about it.

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