Penn Gilette found out yesterday that one of his heroes has feet of clay:

I’m surprised, frankly, that GB hasn’t had him on the show yet to talk about it. Or maybe he has and I’m out of the loop?

As with most of PJ’s monologues, there’s a sprinkling of profanity, so please observe your official content warning.

The Libertarian Popinjay (who has spiced up his site) explains the pain:

Now, I’m generally a compassionate person, so I can’t be too hard on Penn here. You can see with his dramatic pauses that he’s coming to grips with the fact that his idol is an intolerant jerk. He tries to rationize it because in his heart, Tommy Smothers – his hero, who he’s placed on a high pedestal – must be right. Penn knows the truth, however. You can see it in his eyes.

It exposes one of the biggest lies in pop and political culture: that liberals are tolerant and compassionate people. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are vile, mean-spirited individuals who want their point of view forced on everyone around them. Anyone who disagrees them is beyond contempt. There is no “agree to disagree” for liberals, progressives, or whatever they want to call themselves. Penn knows this, but it will take him a while to come to gripes with it.

Now you might remember that a certain audience losing petulant blogger, who in the opinion of a plurality of those polled here has a new employer, used to link approvingly to him on occasion but hasn’t since August, just a little bit before I was banned and Robert Stacy was converted from reporter and Pajamas Media writer to untouchable.

I guess once you appear on Glen Beck other position matters.

I disagree with Penn on a lot of issues, particularly the Catholic Church but he is usually wrong honest, sort of like Hitchens. It likely isn’t official but if he is banned by lgf like the rest of us, I suggest he should consider himself proudly banned.

Oh and the poll in question lets put it here in case you haven’t voted:

Update: The Anchoress has the same opinion of Penn as me:

Before I get 100 emails telling me that Penn & Teller have sullied the name of Bl. Teresa of Calcutta: Yes, I’m aware. Teresa can more than take care of herself, I think. No one gets everything just right, do they? It drives me nuts when a Christian writes to me saying “this person did this and that, and so they have no credibility…” because it flies in the face of what we believe about mercy, and the potential within all of us for change. Jillette strikes me as a guy who is seeking. He’s going to have blind spots like everyone else, particularly in those areas where he thinks he’s got it all figured out (again, like everyone else.) But it would not surprise me to read someday that he’s gone and spent some time with the Missionaries of Charity, to see what they do. God is not done with any of us, yet.

We may not know what God is doing but God does. As a rule if someone is seeking truth they are on the right path.


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