LGF watch is watching and it likes what it sees

Posted: October 22, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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Since I was proudly banned from lgf I’ve on occasion been looking at LGF Watch to see what they’ve been saying.

Charles insists that the right has left him but here are a few post from there:

Let’s see.. Quoting hateful and racist comments written on another website, then pointing out that they don’t get deleted or merit any sort of reprimand from moderators, in order to show what kind of trashy cesspool of hate this site is. And according to him, it’s just one installment of a recurring feature. Wait.. HOLY CRAP ON A STICK, Charles is becoming one of us now!

Aahh, screw it. Welcome to stalkerdom, Charles! :)

(Or at least, welcome to the spot where we were standing against you and your blog for.. I don’t know, several years on end?)

I don’t know the guys at LGF watch but I presume that one of the posters didn’t try planting comments at lgf overnight.

The second one says it better as they mark their 6th anniversary:

Too bad there’s no such thing as time travel (despite what some of the CERN boffins have been saying), because a conversation between today’s Charles Johnson and his 2003 self would be something to behold.

Well this shows that Charles Johnson (peace be upon him) hasn’t changed his stripes to earn friends, it is only (perhaps) earning him scorn.

Well there is always lgf2 maybe they can stalk them since pretty soon both will be getting more hits than either.

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