The Master and the ArchBishop

Posted: October 19, 2009 by datechguy in doctor who, oddities
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This post deserves linkage simply for making a connection between Archbishop Rowan Williams and the Doctor’s Arch Enemy the Master. Money Quote:

Well, the Master had his flaws, I’ll give you that. One of which was an unwavering commitment to the forces of evil. But at least he didn’t waffle, like Dr Rowan Williams. He wasn’t always strictly truthful, but unless you were massively gullible you knew where he stood. He was in favour of unbridled greed, tryannical world domination, the enslavement of entire galaxies, and the ordination of women bishops.

I don’t think much of Williams myself but I see though Thompson’s unflattering comparison with the 3rd doctor’s foe. He knows Rich’s comic blog has a New 3rd doctor story in progress and is engaged in shameless blogwhoring in the hopes of getting crossover hits.

You can’t fool me.

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