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…After seeing this question at The Reclusive Leftist concerning Meghan McCain Picture:

Having covered-by-proxy the feminist bases, I’m now going to indulge my curiosity and ask the group at large (including everyone in Finland — hei, ystävyys kotona Suomi!) the thing I’ve been wondering ever since I saw Meghan’s picture: what’s up with her boobs? I’m not criticizing or attacking or snarking; I’m just trying to figure out what the deal is. Are those implants? The shadowing is very weird.

I’ve avoided telling this story because it sound wrong but she has given me courage so I’ll repeat the story as I told it in comments over there:

I can’t tell that story without my Passion of the Christ story…so here goes…

My mother is VERY Catholic. When the Passion of the Christ came out I took her to the first showing, as we sat down, a man with a seeing eye dog sat in front of us. Considering the movie was in Aramaic and Latin that was rather odd, but anyway…

…when the movie was over everyone left very somberly. I asked my mother what she thought, she said she was VERY impressed…

…she couldn’t believe the dog had sat quiet through the entire movie. When ever the subject of the movie she talks about the dog, she still can’t get over it.

Last year my son and I went to a Sarah Palin Rally in NH. She was really impressive and authentic. At the end she was signing autographs (both my son and I failed to get one) as the crowd thinned I saw her from the waist down for the first time…

…and I still shake my head. I’m from a big Italian family, I went to a Catholic school I have known and do know more women with 5 kids or more than most people these days.

Her hips are the wrong shape. When you’ve had 5 kids your hips have a particular shape, her’s are wrong, they just don’t fit the paradigm. It still makes me shake my head. It’s like Babe Ruth’s legs; they make her look weird. They’re just all wrong!

I think Sarah Palin is awesome, I would support her as a national candidate over any other candidate. No pol has ever matched my positions as close or impressed me more…

…just don’t get me started on her hips. I’m my mother’s son.

My son still laughs at me when I go on about it. I don’t talk about the BBC interviewing me on camera, I don’t talk about the disgusting counter rally of teenagers, or the professionalism of the secret service that really impressed me. Not about her fine speech and the fact she radiates competence. Not that she reminds me of my mother and big sister as the type of person who gets things done.

I go on about how her hips look weird on her. Sometimes I’m just Sheldon Cooper without the Ph.D.

Yeah I know how it sounds but it doesn’t matter they just look Wrong that’s my position and I’m sticking with it!

…that is if he wants one:

Community leaders gathered at the Montachusett Regional Planning office on Friday to talk about the importance of reaching the “hard to count” population living in the area, including low-income residents and illegal immigrants, in the upcoming 2010 census.

Oh we are going to count illegals in the census? The story is titled:

Low-income, illegals must be counted, say local leaders

the mayor’s position?

Wong said she, or a representative from her office, will be part of this year’s Complete Census Count Committee, to provide census workers with relevant information on city demographics, in order to be sure as many people as possible are surveyed.

I think it would be very interesting to see if the mayor directly says that illegal immigrants could be counted rather than deported. Mr. Ford the head of the Minority Coalition in Fitchburg reaction was predictable:

“You’re a human being in that town that affects everybody else’s style of living,” said Ford. “It doesn’t make sense not to count them.”

Yes you do effects peoples style of living, you siphon tax dollars and services from local state and federal government that could be used for oh I don’t know Turning on the street lights. There’s are different words you can use to describe illegal actions to secure tax money from taxpayers. The word I’d use is: “fraud”.

We have a large amount of drug dealers and gangs here in Fitchburg too, they also affect people’s style of living. They provide police hours, a desired service, they spend money in hardware stores for spraypaint, perhaps we shouldn’t arrest them either.

At least one Fitchburg pol sees some trouble with this:

(State Rep)DiNatale said asking illegal immigrants to participate in the census in order to increase federal funding for the population creates a bit of a conflict for him.

Someone needs to ask the mayor directly if she supports counting illegals locally, if she says yes then there is a ready made issue for candidate Michael “Fuzzy” Voisine.

Mayor Wong is considered up and coming in the local democratic party. A few months ago I said the following:

Right now I’m leaning toward the incumbent but it isn’t a clear cut choice for me. The Mayor is a highly educated person who has a lot of theory behind her and is a very hard worker, but Fuzzy has the actual practical experience in real life that is vital on the local level.

If this is the sign of what we’ll be seeing as she rises then I guess my vote is becoming more clear but not in the direction it once was.

Maybe it’s my breath…

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but I’ve noticed my trackbacks no longer seem to appear on Michelle Malkin or hotair when I link to their posts.

My blog might accidentally be in their spam filter or they might consider my links shameless blogwhoring but otherwise I have absolutely no clue.

The Stalker of Norfolk begins on Rich’s comics blog today.

So if your life is more than political stuff hop on over there and enjoy one from the start.

Update Welcome Rich readers. If you haven’t already be sure to take our Doctor Who poll. William Hartnell and Sylvester McCoy are desperate for some respect in it.