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A: Watch the Big Bang Theory Season one when laughter makes you cough.

It is absolutely hilarious.

Gallup polled me this afternoon…

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…on healthcare. Basically they asked me how I felt about Obama then a bunch of person question about how I felt about stuff in general.

In 46 years this is the first time I’ve been polled by Gallup it was interesting but seemed to end abruptly.

I would have expected different questions but hey we conservatives have to be willing to talk to these guys.

Home town story

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Fremont Nebraska notices a former resident’s book:

It began with a couple of stories.

Former Fremonter Dave Carden wrote accounts of his wartime experiences for an online social/working group called Blueshirt Nation.

Readers asked for more.

Eventually, that led to a new book called, “The Army Insider: Up Close and Personal,” published in August. Now, area residents who like military history, stories about small-town life or autobiographies can read those in Carden’s book, found online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and about 5,000 search engines

The book is available here. My review is here.

It’s Snowing out there

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On October 16th.

Well that’s Global Warming for you.