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Answer: Apparently as a man who has “ineffective assistance of counsel.”

Maybe it’s just me but if I have a defendant who takes the stand with a Hitler mustache and says he’s glad for what he’s done and he will do it again I’d say that a closing Argument by Clarance Darrow or even Perry Mason wouldn’t make a difference.

As Althouse notes Scalia asked:

“What would you have done? It makes sense logically to say he has the worst defendant he has ever seen. He’s murdered lots of people in cold blood. He gets up on the stand and says, ‘I’m going to kill a lot more.’ He sounds totally bonkers.”

but Sotomayor saw it differently:

remarking on the lawyer’s strategy of using the crimes themselves as evidence of mental illness”: “At some point you can have a strategy and execute it so poorly, so incompetently, that you’re providing ineffective assistance of counsel.”

If this is a “wise Latina” I’m afraid to see what a blithering idiot would be like.

…at the age of 76.

My kid knew him from the Mario Brothers TV show but people of my age remember his as the tag team manager back in those days when Wrestling was still pretending to be real (and was to the 10 year olds watching it) but was not campy enough to be mocked nor violent enough to be just turned off.

The wrestlers were working class guys the managers were funny and good guys and bad guys were clearly defined.

Captain Lou was a bad guy but he was always fun.

Sure it wasn’t the business or the profit generator it is today but it was better.

So dies another piece of my youth.

A weak dollar is a strong opportunity

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While the Dollar continues to be weak we should strike while the Iron is hot:

Energy: Since a weak dollar increases the price of energy imports we should take the opportunity to drill domestically. The cost of domestic materials do not change based on an exchange rate.

Manufacturing: A weaker US dollar means that US Steel is cheaper as the raw materials for it’s manufacture are available domestically. In addition with states in dire economic straits there have incentive to make deals with holders of foreign capital looking to produce here.

Labor: High unemployment means a larger than normal skilled work force is available and can be had for a lower price than normal. Also those wages are being paid in a depressed currency.

Rents: Housing and rental prices have plummeted, foreign capital can acquire locations for a song, and may even be able to lock in favorable rates for a long term commitment.

Exports All the basic exports from America are now cheaper. American Agribusiness is still very productive and American food products are some of the safest in the world. A smart operator would make long terms deals now while the prices are low and the producers need the business.

Tourism: The US is a big country and provided you steer clear of the gangs of Chicago and the boarder area where the Mexican drug wars are overflowing it is still the safest place to see. The Natural beauty isn’t affected by the dollar’s weakness, Hollywood and Disneyland are still there and if one is into history from Lexington to Little Big Horn and all the Civil war battlefields in between you can find plenty. Almost every foreign community in the world has it’s mirror in the US. (Fitchburg for example has a Finish consulate) so people can find both the familiar and the unfamiliar.

And lets not forget that America is still the most stable country in the world, where hundreds of thousands can protest the government without dirtying the grass.

If we can’t change the circumstances of the dollar a smart administration can that the lemons we have and make lemonade.

…a Nazi, hates black people , evil incarnate, a mass murderer, a torturer. A man so evil and depraved that a person could win a Nobel Peace Prize for simply not being him.

Now we remember a different George Bush:

President Bush drives us crazy. We want him to fight back. He won’t. We want him to “save” himself. He won’t. He won’t “save” his presidency, either. He won’t “save” his party. He won’t “save” his legacy.

President Bush is doing what is unthinkable – he is staying true to the task laid out before him, to serve all the people. He is remaining faithful to that and he is counting on his God to do the rest, as his God has promised.

One who wasn’t afraid to poke fun at himself or take a joke.

Now Michelle Malkin is a lot more caustic than George Bush so if we can be fed this about George Bush for almost a decade why would we expect those same people to be moderate concerning Michelle? Particularly when she keeps fighting back.