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Drugged up a bit and laying down…

Posted: October 13, 2009 by datechguy in personal
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…as my wife finally got me to see a doctor. It’s such a rare thing that when I went to the pharmacy to pick up the prescriptions the phama tech who knows me well because I’ve been picking up stuff for the wife and kids for years couldn’t take care of me right off since I wasn’t in the system.

I was not going to bother posting and was safe in bed until some foolishness from my oldest forced me up for a while today.

I love my children really I do but when I’m sick and trying to deal with real problems that can have long term effects on our family’s immediate financial future I don’t need my wife panicked because of a foreboding e-mail from the son at work about a dire problem with no details other that it is dire.

Well the two hours of worry that ensued largely due to his forgetting his cell phone’s location must have brought a smile to my late father’s face as he looked down from above and said: “See how you like it.”

Well a plan of action is now in place to deal with the significantly smaller than expected issue and all is well in the world again except my lungs as I’m still coughing up a storm but I have one comforting thought…

…Based on my son’s current social life, my overall health and the lifespan of my father, in a few decades God willing I’ll be looking down with my father at this performance when it repeats in a slightly varied form sometime in the mid 21st century and together share a laugh saying “See how you like it!”

A: The Personal Computer , The Affordable Digital Camera, and the Internet because it makes it impossible to hide stuff like this:

Notice the applause about letting old people die. Amazing how liberals have so much compassion for people who are trying to kill us but not so much for their elders? This was not a cultural norm two generations ago.

But we shouldn’t call them death panels, since Sarah Palin called them that it must be wacko. Can we call it a Tallywacker?

There is a reason why the least free societies have the most restrictions on the net to keep people from seeing/hearing “Those Damn Pictures/video audio clips