Hutchenson continues to be wrong honest:

Posted: October 12, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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There are many times when Professor Darren Hutchenson drives me nuts. We are on polar opposites of the political spectrum and many times when I think he is dead wrong, but even so I wish more members of the progressive left were like him for reasons such as this:

Fifth, I am a proud member of the Internet Left Fringe (if that means “progressive critic of Obama”), but I never put much stock in the sweeping liberal rhetoric that surrounded Obama’s election. I agreed with Hillary Clinton who said that “you campaign in poetry but govern in prose.” I said a long time ago that the liberal euphoria surrounding Obama’s candidacy was misguided and that Obama was going to govern from the center because the country was politically divided and that he was a moderate — at best.

Read the whole post, his previous two are solid as well.

I would take issue that he is a moderate, I think he is more of an opportunist. I think Obama likely agrees with Professor Hutchenson on the issues but his primary belief system is the political and economic advancement of Barack Obama. Of course it is possible that he has never believed in any of this progressive stuff and has simply used it to get ahead. That would explain 20 years in the Wright pew without hearing anything.

There are not a lot of left blogs that I have on my blogroll. Hutchenson is one of them and I’m pleased and proud to link him here.

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