At the risk of repeating myself once again…

Posted: October 11, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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…on the morning shows particularly on ABC they were talking about heathcare momentum and how the GOP is being hurt by not signing on etc etc etc. So lets one more time say the basic truths concerning the heathcare bill.

The Democrats have a large majority in the House and a 20 vote majority in the Senate. The full 60 votes.

They can any time they want pass any heathcare plan they want to pass and can laugh at the republicans for opposing it.

If the democrats thought the health care plans were either good in terms of results or good in terms of the politics they would do this. Tip O’Neil never worried about the republican minority when he was pushing bills.

and now the bottom line:

The reason democrats are not passing a bill on their own is because they KNOW it is garbage that rewards their supporters. They are unwilling to pass it when they have to take 100% of the responsibility for the result

This is simple fact. It is not debatable. It can’t be spun. These people are pols and they know how to count. If Obamacare was a winner, if the 9/12 movement were just a few thousand Glenn Beck fan they would simply go on ahead. As Robert Stacy quoted:

Reality is that which doesn’t go away when you stop believing in it.

This is reality and no media reporting, no White House spin and a million bloggers calling people racists are not going to change these facts. As long as the republicans keep their nerve and refuse to give the democrats cover then this garbage will not pass.

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