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The next Talisman expansion is coming in the next few months. Frostmarch will introduce 4 characters and add more of all types of cards.

Official previews are here and here, but i would have preferred to see another board expansion rather than a non-board expansion.

I’ll withhold final judgment till I see more but my son is still upset that we have no centaur character yet.

The real question is what will the Big Bang Theory guys think of it?

Oh THOSE Death Panels ….

Posted: October 11, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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…well maybe “Death Panel” is the wrong word perhaps we should call it: “Medical indifference

Doctors say Fenton is an example of patients who have been condemned to death on the Liverpool care pathway plan. They argue that while it is suitable for patients who do have only days to live, it is being used more widely in the NHS, denying treatment to elderly patients who are not dying.

Fenton’s daughter, Christine Ball, who had been looking after her mother before she was admitted to the Conquest hospital in Hastings, East Sussex, on January 11, says she had to fight hospital staff for weeks before her mother was taken off the plan and given artificial feeding.

well it’s not as if the staff was uncaring or unfeeling…oh wait:

Ball insisted that her mother was not dying but her objections were ignored. A nurse even approached her to say: “What do you want done with your mother’s body?”

But nope these aren’t death panels nothing to see here. And we certainly won’t see anything like that here will we?

Protein Wisdom isn’t worried, nor is David Henderson Neptunus Lex or Verum Serum. They’re not worried this will happen here, they’re convinced!

More here.

Update: Gateway Pundit notices that this isn’t the only weird thing going on in the wonderful world of government run medicine:

The Telegraph reported that Matthew Millington, 31, died at home in Brown Lees, near Stoke-on-Trent, after receiving the organs from a donor who is believed to have smoked between 30 and 50 roll-up cigarettes a day, an inquest heard

Such joy.

There has been a gay rights march in Washington and the president has again promised to repeal “Don’t ask don’t tell” so in keeping with today’s theme it’s back to reality:

Don’t ask don’t tell is enacted into law in 1993 by congress

The Democrats have had control of congress since 2006

The Democratic majority increased significantly in 2008

and now the bottom line:

At any time they wanted the Democrats could introduce and push a revision of the law that establishes Don’t ask don’t tell. Republicans would not be able to stop it. The fact that they refuse to do so indicates that they either don’t believe in the modifying the law or that they believe it will cost them politically. This indicates either dishonesty to their supporters in the Gay community or political cowardice.

There is no other possible explanation if anyone has one I’d be delighted to hear it.

For myself I’m rather indifferent on the matter. I’ve heard opinion from soldiers on both sides of the fence. It would seem to me that they type of person willing to volunteer for the risks of military service is less likely to be disruptive to discipline.

One might say that considering we are fighting now in predominantly Islamic countries that it might be a problem but the same could be said for women in combat.

My primary interest is winning. If it will help us win, then we should do it, if it won’t then we should not. If it makes no difference then I’m indifferent.

I’m not with HRC on issues like Gay Marriage or the Church but I hate to see people used, and these people are not only being used but are letting themselves be used. It’s disgusting.

Update: When you have Me, Robert Stacy McCain and Andrew Sullivan on the same page then something is wrong.

King Charles the Pious says all of us on the right will be disgusted by this, I don’t see how since first of all as a liberal democrat we wouldn’t expect different, what we are disgusted by is his using people and people being used. Perhaps he still thinks Andrew is on the right? Anyway check memorandum to see what people are actually saying.

At the risk of repeating myself once again…

Posted: October 11, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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…on the morning shows particularly on ABC they were talking about heathcare momentum and how the GOP is being hurt by not signing on etc etc etc. So lets one more time say the basic truths concerning the heathcare bill.

The Democrats have a large majority in the House and a 20 vote majority in the Senate. The full 60 votes.

They can any time they want pass any heathcare plan they want to pass and can laugh at the republicans for opposing it.

If the democrats thought the health care plans were either good in terms of results or good in terms of the politics they would do this. Tip O’Neil never worried about the republican minority when he was pushing bills.

and now the bottom line:

The reason democrats are not passing a bill on their own is because they KNOW it is garbage that rewards their supporters. They are unwilling to pass it when they have to take 100% of the responsibility for the result

This is simple fact. It is not debatable. It can’t be spun. These people are pols and they know how to count. If Obamacare was a winner, if the 9/12 movement were just a few thousand Glenn Beck fan they would simply go on ahead. As Robert Stacy quoted:

Reality is that which doesn’t go away when you stop believing in it.

This is reality and no media reporting, no White House spin and a million bloggers calling people racists are not going to change these facts. As long as the republicans keep their nerve and refuse to give the democrats cover then this garbage will not pass.