Cripes even MSNBC is having trouble defending this prize

Posted: October 9, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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…but lets look at blog reaction so far:

Tim Blair: What for?

Riehl World View:

I do not freakin’ believe this. But via the BBC- it appears to be true. For what? Are you frickin’ kidding me? What a stupid joke. What a worthless award. Video of the announcement here. They put weight on his WORK? For Nuclear Weapons? All he has done is TALK! This is total BS!

THE MAN HASN’T DONE ANYTHING!! I can’t believe this. Really, I can’t. What a waste. One sensed this was just a worthless political award anymore. But this removes all doubt. If I were on the committee I’d be embarrassed. This is an absolute disgrace.

Hot Air:in addition to also thinking they might not be awake said this:

In other words, they gave him a Nobel for … being Hopenchange-y. And you thought Mark Halperin’s grade inflation was bad. This makes three times, incidentally, in just seven years that the committee’s turned the Peace Prize into a “f*** Bush” award by bestowing it on a liberal American Democrat. The Goracle got it in 2007 and Carter received it in 2002, making today’s announcement yet one more reason to consider The One his presidential heir.

Legal Insurrection:

Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize. For what? Peace in Afghanistan? Peace in Iraq? Peace in the Middle East? Nope.

How about peace in Chicago, Honduras, Detroit, or somewhere? Nope.

What a joke. Was Chris Matthews on the committee?

What an embarrassment to the Nobel Peace Prize legacy. How about waiting until Obama actually did something, then give him the prize?

But then again, we elected Obama before he accomplished anything, so who are we to criticize.

Israellycool: (not actually reaction but in the post containing it)

Yesterday, Israeli President told US Middle East envoy George Mitchell that Israel had full faith in the policies of US President Barack Obama, who he said was trying to advance peace in an extremely fair way by listening to both sides and trying to find a common denominator.

Mr Peres lied.


It’s Frank J. Fleming’s world. The rest of us just live in it.

Michael Graham:

Barack Obama has brought peace to the world by giving it an America that does what it’s told.

Don Surber: Even the Russians are surprised.

Dissenting Justice proves he is an honest Liberal:

President Obama has won the Nobel Peace Prize (unless someone seriously punked the NYT). This is a stunning development. As a social critic, I am surprised that he could win while continuing many of Bush’s antiterrorism-civil liberties policies.

Conservatives 4 Palin:

I’m with the Palestinian peace negotiator Saeb Erekat who hoped that this award would encourage Obama “to achieve peace in the Middle East.” Would be very nice indeed. And if he doesn’t? Well, then we’ll just have to give him the same Prize again next year. And the year after, and the year after, until peace has finally been achieved – or Obama’s time in the White House is up.

I think it speaks volumes that everyone seem to think they are asleep or being punked.

That is the reaction for the blogs on the blogroll. So now lets check out the other blogs. I’m just going to keep adding them without the Update tag.


Given Obama’s objective lack of actual accomplishments so far, the “science is settled” that the Nobel Peace Prize is a hopelessly politicized popularity contest. Don’t even try to argue.

Ian Cowell:

Seems Alfred Nobel is to be awarded a posthumous Obama prize

Just one Minute:

No need to worry that he has peaked too soon – over the next few years the Nobel Committee can still award him prizes in economics and literature.

Gates of Vienna

One of the indicators of the decline of a political class is the use of grandiose titles to dignify the merely ordinary.

On the left Crooked Timber is happy, kinda:

Obama’s not a game changer per se, but he’s changed how people feel about playing the game, or whether they even want to.

Making Light offers congratulations:

But I reckon it serves as incentive as well as reward, and it gives him leverage in certain circles. It’ll put the wind up the sails of the isolationist branch of American society, of course; expect shrieking commentary.

If only the baseball MVP was given out that way.

Blood & Treasure:

Ten months in and they’ve already given him the consolation prize.


I guess Krauthammer was right, the international regard for the United States has so fallen after Obama became President that they just awarded our Chief Executive the Nobel Peace Prize — probably for not being like Charles Krauthammer.

On MSNBC The Morning Meeting just said this will put pressure to accomplish various things. You can’t make this stuff up.

Fox just pointed out the deadline to be considered for the prize was 12 days into his presidency. Remember that scene from Dracula dead and loving it?

Martin: [throwing Renfield back into his cell] You’ll stay in here ’til you rot!
[locks door]
Martin: [Renfield starts sobbing and Martin comes in a second later] Well, you’re free to go!
Renfield: Why? How?
Martin: Good behavior.
Renfield: But I’ve only been here for a moment.
Martin: For that moment, you were very good.

starts below at 4:10


SOMEHOW I suspect nobody asked the Afghans their opinion:

Kausfiles nails the really smart thing:

Turn it down! Politely decline. Say he’s honored but he hasn’t had the time yet to accomplish what he wants to accomplish. Result: He gets at least the same amount of glory–and helps solve his narcissism problem and his Fred Armisen (‘What’s he done?’) problem, demonstrating that he’s uncomfortable with his reputation as a man overcelebrated for his potential long before he’s started to realize it.

Of course you can always Check Memorandum but where’s the sport in that?

Think progress:

Two key White House aides were both convinced they “were being punked” when they heard the news, reported ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos. “It’s not April 1, is it?” one said.

Andy McCarthy:

I’d like to see the Nobel Foundation follow suit. If today’s headlines said, “Barack Obama Wins Yasser Arafat Prize,” that would be perfect.

Jules Crittenden:

The big question is, who nominated him. Vladimir Putin, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or Mullah Omar?

Michelle Malkin: A Chinese dissident and an Afghan women’s rights activist lost out to this

Betsy’s Page:

Read the full citation. Note what’s missing – any actual accomplishments.

Harry’s Place cries Racism!

So it grieves me to think that President Obama is the victim of such obvious (if not entirely overt) racism. It is sad, but it seems not even the president of America is immune from patronizing racist white affirmative action-driven low-expectations

Stop the ACLU

Wow! Just as we learn Obama’s plan for victory in Afghanistan is to turn over parts of the country to the terrorist Taliban, the world awards him the prize for appeasemnt, and he deserves it!

The Reaganite Republican:

And PS for the Obots of Norway: if it weren’t for American nuclear weapons, you’d already be “celebrating” your 40th anniversary as a Soviet colony… right along with every inch of the rest of Europe.


Congratulations are in order. The prize will provide a fitting occasion for another trip to Europe, and another speech!

Jonah Goldberg says something serious:

The only thing that really bothers me is that this comes just days after the Obama administration turned a blind eye to the Dalai Lama and told the world that it’s at least considering a separate peace with the Taliban. That’s grotesque. Meanwhile, there are real peace activists and dissidents out there whose dungeons will stay just as cold and dark for another year because of this. Indeed, this news comes during a year when the Iranian people rose up against tyranny and were crushed. Surely someone in Iran — or maybe the Iranian protestors generally — could have benefitted more from receiving the prize than a president who, so far, has done virtually nothing concrete for world peace.

then snarks…Up Next: The Cy Young Award

They are squeegeeing the holodeck at firedoglake.

The Nobel is Great, but the Press Release is Even Better


Sweetness and Light:

Asked why the prize had been awarded to Mr Obama less than a year after he took office, Nobel Committee head Thorbjoern Jagland said: “It was because we would like to support what he is trying to achieve”.

Well at least he can use the Nobel prize money as a source for those grants in Detroit.

Ann Althouse is on an incredible roll but this tweet is the best:

Why didn’t he get the Nobel Prize for Literature too? I guess the answer is: He wrote 2 books. He should have written nothing.

I must confess I can’t wait to see what LGF says

Villainous Company: I’ve heard of grading on a curve, but this is just surreal

Comments from Left Field:

By giving a peace prize to a president who hasn’t yet been in office for a year (indeed, he was nominated for the prize only two weeks after taking office), thus we haven’t seen the result of his policies in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Israel/Palestine (to mention nothing of the smaller hotspots, like Zimbabwe and China; or hotspots which could soon explode like another civil war in southern Sudan coupled with the genocide in western Sudan, otherwise known as Darfur), has the Nobel committee delegitimized itself by awarding a Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama?

Confederate Yankee:

Barack Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize for campaigning for President.

I think Jacob Heilbrunn is actually serious:

It would be hard to think of a more electrifying and deserved recipient of this year’s Nobel Peace prize than President Obama.

Even Glenn Greenwald cant justify this:

there are simply no meaningful “peace” accomplishment in his record — at least not yet — and there’s plenty of the opposite. That’s what makes this Prize so painfully and self-evidently ludicrous.

And of course Andrew Sullivan:

If any person has done more to advance some measure of calm, reason and peace in this troubled word lately, it’s president Obama. I think the Cairo speech and the Wright speech alone merited this both bridging ancient rifts even while they remain, of course, deep and intractable. He has already done more to heal the open wound between the West and Islam than anyone else on the planet.

  1. The onservation that nominations closed early in the Obama presidency is probably going to turn into a nutcase marker: one of those factually true but utterly misleading statements that get breathlessly repeated to reinforce worldviews rather than inform.

    The nomination pool is wide. Presidents regularly get nominated, along with any number of other people, including some quite horrific dictators. The decision on which of the nominees wins is made much later on, based on the information available at that time.

    In other words, he may have been nominated early in his job, but they didn’t pick him back in February.

  2. I can’t wait to see the awards and accolades that follow this. I would not put it past Hollywood to nominate Obama for an honorary Oscar next year. ACORN can give him the lifetime achievement award. Bottom line, IMHO: This will be bad for Barack in the long run. It makes his presidency more of a joke than it already is, and reinforces the fact that he has done nothing. Oh yes, SNL will definitely be interesting tonight. I might actually watch the show.