SNL left out one other failure…

Posted: October 6, 2009 by datechguy in internet/free speech, opinion/news
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…and that is North Korea:

North Korea is in the final stage of restoring its nuclear facilities, a news report said Tuesday, as leader Kim Jong Il expressed a conditional willingness to end Pyongyang’s boycott of international nuclear talks.

South Korean and U.S. intelligence authorities reached the conclusion after scrutinizing about 10 atomic facilities in North Korea since April when the communist regime vowed to restart its nuclear program in anger over a U.N. rebuke of its long-range rocket launch.

I’m sure the media will get right on it as soon as their done fact checking SNL’s ass:

Heaven forbid that the average half-drunk late-night Saturday TV viewer be “misinformed” about our savior by a comedy show reminding them that health care’s “not done” (which it isn’t) and that Afghanistan’s gotten worse this year (which it has).

And people wonder why CNN and others are losing to a show at 3 a.m.

Red Eye averaged 432,000 total viewers and 202,000 in the demo. Let’s deal with the demo first – CNN’s 8pmET show, hosted by Campbell Brown, averaged 191,000 in the demo. Let’s just let that one sink in – Fox News had more people in the all important A25-54 demographic watching their channel at three in the morning (east coast time) than CNN had for the show that leads off their prime time. This says as much about Fox News as it does about CNN. Wow.

In total viewers (and demo), Red Eye beat the cable news competition three hours later. All three other morning shows, MSNBC’s Morning Joe, CNN’s American Morning and HLN’s Morning Express had less viewers in September.

I guess if I wanted to grow my blog in the early days I should have liveblogged Redeye.

Update: The Anchoress points this out with less snark than normal:

Yahoo ran a fact-check on the skit too. Can you believe it? The press is treating Obama like a little girl who needs all of their protection. And since both CNN and Yahoo have done this, I’m guessing someone at the WH wanted it done. Humorless, like I said. And stupid.

Read and watch the whole thing.

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