Shades of Iraq in Ky

Posted: October 4, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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One of the things that fascinated me during the Iraq war was the amount of bad information and press that was coming from the MSM.

Basically the media relied on stringers (of dubious source and allegiance) to get general information that could be spun any way that the media desired.

Reading these threads concerning the Sparkman murder it was like those days of yesteryear when the media still thought the war could be lost.

While the SPLC sees little evidence of hate groups targeting the Census Bureau, there isn’t much sympathy for Sparkman on those groups’ Web sites.

Got that even though the Charles’s favorite “civil rights” group says there there is little evidence of the census being targeted Newsweek manages to paint the picture they want to paint.

God forbid they actually deal with someone who was actually there as the Sundries Shack points out:

What is the difference between those two journalists? One of them actually went to Kentucky for three days, spoke to people in Clay and Laurel Counties and filed no fewer than four stories while there.

Guess which one of the two wasn’t in Kentucky? If you said the highly-paid so-called journalist for Newsweek, you win a cookie!

And despite the late Mr. Johnson (when I say the late Mr. Johnson I’m referring to his credibility) says he was not trying to pick up girls he was instead, wait for it…Reporting:

Baseless speculation about this case — and particularly, the attempt by some to make a political symbol of Sparkman’s death — was what motivated me to travel this past week to Kentucky, where I spent three days in Clay County and neighboring Laurel County, where Sparkman lived.

The involvement of the FBI in the case has resulted in an almost complete official silence from state and local law enforcement. However, residents of the area (including local journalists I interviewed at length) are profoundly skeptical of any suggestion that Sparkman was killed because of general “anti-government sentiment” (as the Associated Press was first to suggest) or the more specific “anti-Census sentiment” that is the subject of this Newsweek story.

He elaborates further on his blog which is nice of him since unlike his spectator article it doesn’t guarantee a paycheck for what he says:

It’s a free country, which means everyone is free to speculate how and why Bill Sparkman died. But ill-informed speculation and assumptions are no substitute for facts, and there are still too many unknown facts for anyone to pretend to know the motives of whoever put Sparkman’s body in that cemetery.

If the editors of Newsweek don’t want to pay for solid, sensible, accurate reporting, they need to grab themselves a fresh, hot cup of delicious STFU.

Ah Robert Stacy you forget, Newsweek is not in the business of printing facts, they are in the business of selling magazines to a rapidly diminishing segment of the population that has a particular set of prejudices. If they are not given what they want or expect will the magazine sell? Will their people be interviewed on the talk show circuit? Will they be invited to all the right parties?

It is that same sycophancy that drives Newsweek in this case and Hollywood in the Polanski case. The desire to fit in with the chosen group or the determination that their gravy train is best served by being acceptable to said group.

As for Charles, well I remember the old days when the left figured he was paid, some bloggers have suggested it and it would explain much but I don’t buy it. Why see a conspiracy that there is no evidence for when there is ample evidence of an angry jealous snit?

And have you noticed he always waits till Robert Stacy is out of town or unavailable to launch his attacks?

What a Maroon!

Oh and I didn’t see the Rachel Maddow stuff but anyone who takes her anything resembling seriously is not someone who should be taken seriously either. As Cynthia Yockey says

If Maddow wants to work guilt-by-association on anyone, why didn’t she start with Moammar Gaddafi’s testimonial for Obama when he was running for president, complete with the assertion that he believes Obama is a Muslim? Or Louis Farrakhan’s testimonial for Obama? The last I looked they were on YouTube, fer cryin’ out loud. And isn’t Gaddafi a Muslim supremacist — commanded by Allah to kill all unbelievers? And isn’t Farrakhan a Muslim black supremacist, commanded by Allah to … say really mean things about white people and unbelievers? Why is there no guilt-by-association for Obama with ANY of the murderers, crooks, Commies, kooks, anti-Semites and tax-evaders that comprise the rogues’ gallery of his life-long bosom friends and fellow travelers? Why is there no guilt-by-association for Obama due to his intimate ties to Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn — who missed killing ME by 10 minutes in 1970, Valerie Jarrett, Rashid Khalidi, Tony Rezko, Rev. Jeremiah Wright and Franklin Marshall Davis, just to name a few?

What a joke.

I just listened to the clip, you know when you don’t want to book real conservatives it really limits the number of different people you can have on. I can’t wait till 2010 & 2012. Proving those jokers wrong will be a great pleasure.

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