It took 5 days

Posted: October 4, 2009 by datechguy in internet/free speech
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On Sept 30th I wrote this:

I personally would be shocked if MSNBC doesn’t pick this up sometime before the week is out.

5 days later we see Rachel Maddow using it without mentioning Robert Stacy by name on Meet the Press. Clever move too, by being ambiguous it allows the accusation to dangle there against Palin and her co-author and doesn’t require any of the people present to confirm her opinion on Robert Stacy she states it as a fact and instead of people having to say it’s BS they talk about “association” as if the charge was true.

Now because it was on Meet the Press it gives MSNBC an excuse to cover it and assures Charles of some screen time.

What a bunch of dishonorable people.

Update: If it only takes place online does it count as a Lesbian Rule 5 Catfight?

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