Sick in bed today…

Posted: October 3, 2009 by datechguy in employment, Hiwired, personal
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…so that means light blogging but it also gives me a chance to tell a funny HiWired story.

Just under 75% of the time we would telecommute. That saved a lot of time and money but also had an odd side effect. If you are sick and have an hour drive it is a lot easier to call out than if you are just going down stairs. Even if you are very sick if you are going to be home anyway it just doesn’t feel right to take the day particularly when you know someone else will have to take up the slack.

I was feeling very sick one day (I had a 11-10 shift that day) but I didn’t want to take the day so I took the laptops to my bedroom and literally worked from the bed I’m lying down on now. On chats it wasn’t a problem but on calls people could clearly hear I wasn’t right.

I was working on my last call of the day and my wife had just come upstairs. As quietly as I could I moved the laptops to my side of the bed and continued on the call and the screen share. The customer bless her seemed more interested in my sickness than in her errant printer. As I finished up the call and had her printer humming again we had this exchange:

Customer: Thank you very much for your help, now I want you to head home and get right to bed!

Me: Mamm I promise you that once this call is done I’ll get to bed so fast that you’d think I was already there.

I almost had to mute my mike as the wife nearly broke out laughing at that point.

I’m a big believer in bed rest. I’ve always found that if you actually take to bed when you start to get sick your body gets a head start on taking care of whatever ails you.

So it’s bed rest today and the Latin Mass tomorrow and as I had a couple of calls on the job front this week, hopefully an interview or two next week.

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