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Posted: September 30, 2009 by datechguy in fun, internet/free speech
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… lend me your eyes.
I come to speak of Stacy, not to praise him.
The evil that men do rises like a Hannah Giles google bomb;
The good is oft lost disposed like an unwanted cache.
So let it be with Robert Stacy. The noble Charles
Hath told you Stacy is a Racist.
If it were so, it is a grievous fault,
And grievously hath he answered it at the top of LGF for all to see.
Here, under leave of Charles and the rest —
For Charles is an honorable man,
So are they all, Killgore Trout, Wild Irish Rose and Shamutra all honorable lizzards —
Come I to speak in McCain’s past.
He is my friend, faithful and sent me hits.
But Charles insists he is a Racist ,
And Charles is an reputable blogger.
Stacy hath Supported Israel in Gaza,
Vs Hamas and with humor did he defend Israel.
Did this in Stacy seem a Supremacist?
He hath associated with Steven Green, and Moe Lane, hath prayed with Baldilocks and befriended Lesbians and Gays.
Racism should be made of sterner stuff.
Yet Charles says he is a racist,
And Charles is an honorable man.
You all did see that he did reject
tossing allies purges to build support,
Was this racism?
Yet Charles says he is a racist,
And sure he is an honorable blogger.
I speak not to disprove what Charles posted,
But here I am to speak what I do know.
Charles did once scorn Friedman, Media Matters and Moyers. He defended Palin vs smears and make Rush an honorary Lizzardiod , not without cause.
What cause withholds his attack on the RoP, Chavez and Soros?
His Judgment, thou art fled to avenge vs Beck,
And revenge hast cost his reason!
Bear with me.
My heart is Sad since April there with McCain,
When first he defended Geller and Charles changed crying Racist.

  1. Neal says:

    Proudly banned, indeed! Nice work using the words of the Bard, btw,

  2. kahall says:

    All that just makes it even more confusing. I’m enjoying your stuff though.

  3. David Blue says:


  4. kahall says:

    I wasn’t referring to the way you wrote it, (which is excellent) but all the info at the links.

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  8. Corrin says:

    Most excellent. Well done.

  9. Phineas Fahrquar says:

    I got myself banned around the same time as you. I think we need to start a club or a lodge, or something. Secret handshakes and all that… Or ritual bannings! Yeah, that’s it! :)

    Great post, btw. Made me laugh.