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Acorn stole an election well DUH!

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DaTechGuy Blog Dec 2008 post title: How to Steal an election Money Quote:

Looks like Al Franken’s people have learned the lesson well:

DaTechGuy Blog Feb 9th 2009 post title The talking point: Hypocrites quote from Kristen Lopez Eastlick:

That’s right. ACORN, the activist group that has been implicated in voter fraud and registration deception in at least 14 states may get the financial bailout it needs to pull off another round of schemes in the next election season.

And now only 7 months later the dots are being connected:

(Minnesota) Secretary of State Mark Ritchie assures us that Minnesota’s system of voter verification protects electoral integrity.

But here’s an uncomfortable fact: Ritchie himself was endorsed by the now-notorious ACORN and elected with its help.


ACORN claimed to have registered 48,000 new Minnesota voters. If just 1% were ineligible but cast ballots, or had ballots cast for them illegally, and survived the recount process … that’s 480 votes, almost certainly overwhelmingly cast for Franken. … Maybe in pristine Minnesota even ACORN is clean. If so, the state would apparently be an outlier.

Gateway Pundit is shocked SHOCKED.

Dan Riehl is Shocked SHOCKED

Nice Deb is Shocked SHOCKED:

Oh media matters says it’s BS so then it must be ok.

I would be asking this question of Franken at every stop he makes and every speech he gives. I’d be asking the MSM this question too.

Update: In case it wasn’t clear of course all the Shocked Shocked people are actually not, they are from the right and are sensible enough to have known better

And the Newest member of our blogroll is…….

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…..Adrienne’s Catholic Corner! Cue the 1812 overture.

Worth your time and your clicks.

Got a comment on an old post from a Lizzardoid who disagreed with me his conclusion:

What’s really happening here is the right is in la la land right now. CJ is merely the messenger. I’ve voted Red my whole life and I’m as conservative as anybody: the Right has serious problems right now. Attacking CJ is shooting the messenger.

He’s certainly welcome to his opinion (read his whole comment). I wrote him a long response and as there as been little action on the McCain/Johnson front I figured it would be a good promotion to explain my position to late comers to the debate. I won’t blockquote it since they are my words just promoted:

…I have to disagree with you on that one. My initial comment on the Rush issue was deleted when I was banned but it certainly didn’t rise to the level you were describing, in fact I didn’t know I was banned until I tried to put up my follow-up comment and found myself logged out.

Also if Charles was simply holding the right to the same standard he does to the left why the particular timing? I would point you to my follow up posts here and here concerning timing and Irony.

As I’ve said, I’ve never met or talked to Charles, he might be a very nice guy. I’m more than pleased to have him as an ally even now on both Israel and the War on Terror. I would love to have him sign my statement of common principles (you are welcome to do so too). I’ve defended him in the past and will agree with him when he is right.

But I think his current actions are due more to spite than anything else, that’s just my opinion. I saw his stuff and I talked to Robert Stacy McCain and given what I’ve seen and heard I’m going to have to take Robert’s side over his in fact I’m honor bound to do so.

Like the 20% who once approved of the president who now do not. The people who no longer support Charles didn’t suddenly become wrong or racist or nutjobs overnight. Rush didn’t go from Rush Limbaugh, Honorary Lizardoid to racist overnight either. The timing seems to suggest that once Beck hit him any ally of beck or once removed ally of Beck is to be suspect. It reminds me of an Aunt of mine who is rapidly running out of people she will talk to.

Something has changed and the logical conclusion is that it is Charles.

But you never know; I haven’t given up on him, I’ll tease him a bit but hey we all have our faults. If his attacks on the right get some liberals to take his posts on the war on terror seriously maybe it will work out in the end.

I’ll say a prayer for him and keep an eye open. When I see him willing to hit the left and Soros like he used to then I might change my mind but until then, I’ll remain in happy exile and just have to wish you all the best in your personal lives.


Oh and Big Papa, you are welcome to comment here any time, and so is Charles. As for me ever going back to LGF if allowed; I owe it to Peg who stood up for me and was banned for it to not to even consider re-registering until and unless she is invited back.

Went to morning mass today…

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…as it is the feast of St. Michael the Archangel, St. Raphael the Archangel (Book of Tobit for you protestants out unfamiliar with him thanks to Luther) and St. Gabriel the Archangel.

I went to Immaculate Conception since we don’t have a Tuesday mass at my parish. They held their mass in the chapel (Many Catholic churches have small chapels where the more sparsely attended weekday masses can take place without the expense of opening up the main church) It is a little smaller than the size of my kitchen and living room combined. There were about 16 people there counting me and not counting the priest.

One fellow had a little kid not more than 2 years old with him. She was a very active child and remained so all during mass. I could see the father was very embarrassed as he tried to keep her occupied.

A lot of people get angry about that kind of thing, but looking at the chapel I saw that counting myself there were only 4 adults below the age of 50 present. Our city has 8 Catholic churches for a population of 35,000. The Diocese of Worcester will be closing at least three and perhaps as many as 4 of the city’s churches over the next 9 months.

I think we should be very happy that he was there with his child. I wish the Chapel had 20 parents with kids all trying to keep them in line this morning. If we had more of them perhaps Fitchburg’s Catholics wouldn’t be wondering which churches will still be around this time next year.

Update: Hey it’s one of the Anchoress‘ favorite feast days too! I knew that woman had taste.