Acorn stole an election well DUH!

Posted: September 29, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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DaTechGuy Blog Dec 2008 post title: How to Steal an election Money Quote:

Looks like Al Franken’s people have learned the lesson well:

DaTechGuy Blog Feb 9th 2009 post title The talking point: Hypocrites quote from Kristen Lopez Eastlick:

That’s right. ACORN, the activist group that has been implicated in voter fraud and registration deception in at least 14 states may get the financial bailout it needs to pull off another round of schemes in the next election season.

And now only 7 months later the dots are being connected:

(Minnesota) Secretary of State Mark Ritchie assures us that Minnesota’s system of voter verification protects electoral integrity.

But here’s an uncomfortable fact: Ritchie himself was endorsed by the now-notorious ACORN and elected with its help.


ACORN claimed to have registered 48,000 new Minnesota voters. If just 1% were ineligible but cast ballots, or had ballots cast for them illegally, and survived the recount process … that’s 480 votes, almost certainly overwhelmingly cast for Franken. … Maybe in pristine Minnesota even ACORN is clean. If so, the state would apparently be an outlier.

Gateway Pundit is shocked SHOCKED.

Dan Riehl is Shocked SHOCKED

Nice Deb is Shocked SHOCKED:

Oh media matters says it’s BS so then it must be ok.

I would be asking this question of Franken at every stop he makes and every speech he gives. I’d be asking the MSM this question too.

Update: In case it wasn’t clear of course all the Shocked Shocked people are actually not, they are from the right and are sensible enough to have known better

  1. nicedeb says:

    Shocked-moi? I was blogging about it, too, as it was happening….ringing those alarm bells. So no, not shocked. But now that ACORN is back in the news, it’s a good opportunity to remind people.

    And I agree about not letting Franken forget it. I suggested nicknaming him “The Acorn Senator”, myself.

  2. nicedeb says:

    Oh, it’s nice to see that Media Matters is now using ACORN’s own talking points:

    MN Star/Trib article “did not contain a single allegation of a fraudulently cast vote”…