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…well maybe groupie is the wrong word but ya gotta love it when he says something like this:

I remember wanting to ask Rep. Charles Rangel a question, years ago: Whom do you consider the better man: Ronald Reagan or Fidel Castro? (At the time, Rangel was pounding Reagan as a racist villain, basically, and, of course, Rangel has long been one of Castro’s best friends and biggest defenders in the American political establishment.) In fact, I might like to ask him still . . .

Of course, you could ask José Serrano, Maxine Waters, Chris Dodd — a million of them.

I propose a test: substitute Chavez for Castro and ask this of every prominent liberal celebrity who visits him. (or throw in the Castro question too) This question should be a Sine qua non for any press coverage.

…and I agree with Ron Radosh’s article from Pajamas Media that said:

So is there any media source one can listen to on TV that is not part of the either-or mindset? Fortunately, if you get up early, there is Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe each day 6-9 am East Coast Time. He and his guests of different persuasions discuss things rationally, without screaming at each other, and in a mature and serious way. They have the kind of conversations you would have yourself with friends, probing those you disagree with and trying to reach them with arguments.

but c’mon guys! I just watched Andrea Mitchel (shudder) paint the Iran stuff as if the Administration is just getting this information and is now acting on it. Please:

One might also conclude that, since Obama says he has known about the Iranian deception at least since inauguration and possibly even during the campaign, therefore the One Himself was also lying to the American people and playing us for saps; he knew the Iranians were cheats and liars, but he told us we could trust them to honor agreements and tell the truth.

But one would be wrong… for the Obama administration (and its liberal allies) instead see the entire incident as adding to the luster of the president’s foreign-policy acumen.

Even worse Andrea sounds like Alexander Cockburn:

In reality the public disclosure of something the US knew about years ago ­ knowledge it shared with its prime Nato allies and Israel ­ changes nothing. The consensus of US intelligence remains that there is no hard evidence that Iran is actively seeking to manufacture nuclear weapons. Iran has agreed to an inspection of the plant at some appropriate point.

At least unlike Cockburn (the $10,000 man) they don’t blame Israel and even Mika is in favor of dropping the word allegedly from the building nukes.

But please, you guys are too smart to subscribe to Andrew Sullivan’s cunning plan theory.

And lets put the poll here too:

Apparently Andrea will be the first vote in favor.

Update: And don’t even get me started on the Polanski stuff, they are not covering themselves with glory over there today and the Washington post is covering themselves with even less.

Even if you give him every benefit of the doubt on the actual initial crime. He RAN.

Update 2: That’s gotta hurt.

Broadsides & Boarders: Amazon Review

Posted: September 28, 2009 by datechguy in amazon reviews

My review of Marvin Albert’s 1957 book Broadsides & Boarders is available at here.

This book is out of print but if you have any love for the history of fighting sail you won’t want to miss it. Check your local used book store or even library sales if they run out on Amazon.