Obama, the 4th Doctor and Iran speech liveblog

Posted: September 25, 2009 by datechguy in doctor who, opinion/news
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What do I expect from the president’s statement coming up any second? I expect him to Chanel the 4th doctor in City of Death To Wit:

4th Doctor: “If you do that one more time, Duggan, I’m going to take very, very severe measures.”

Duggan: “Yeah, like what?”

4th Doctor: “Er… I’m going to ask you not to.”

The Doctor and Duggan, in “City of Death”

Let’s see if I’m right but I have to scoot in 25-35 min so lets hope he talks before then.

MSNBC: 8:37 a.m. at moments like this Republicans wish Hillery Clinton had won. Hey Mr. Beck how’s that Obama is better than McCain bit going?

8:39 a.m.: Halperin: Obama is a natural multilateralist. He doesn’t want to be the leader.

BTW why am I watching this on MSNBC? #1 Morning Joe, #2 Mika is a handsome and fair woman, #3 Greater chance of absolutely comic nonsense to quote.

8:43 a.m. It starts, Gorden Brown got his meeting now didn’t he?

8:44 a.m. “We expect the IAEA to investigate”, That’ll put the fear of God in ’em

8:45 a.m. “Iran is breaking rules that all nations must follow” Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is shaking in his boots.

8:47 a.m. “Iran must be prepared to co-operate with the IAEA” Or what?

8:48 a.m. That’s Obama’s plan to say this while Ahmadinejad is drinking so he will choke to death!

8:49 a.m. France expects a “rigorous investigation”. Talk about high expectations “everything is on the table” including Sanctions! THE HORROR!

8:50 a.m. Sanctions in December! That’ll learn em!

8:51 a.m. Brown: “We are prepared to implement sanctions.” oh brother.

Shades of Life of Brian:

Judith: They’ve arrested Brian!
All: What? What?
Judith: They dragged him off! They’re gonna crucify him!
Reg: Right! This calls for immediate discussion!
Judith: What?
Sibling: Immediate!
Sibling II: Right!
Loretta: New motion?
Reg: Completely new motion! Uh, that, uh, that there be, uh, immediate action…
Francis: …uh, once the vote has been taken.
Reg: Well, obviously once the vote has been taken resolution the oh —- resolution!
Judith: Reg, let’s go now, please!
Reg: Right, right!In the – in the light of fresh information from sibling Judith…
Loretta: Ehm…not so fast, Reg.
Judith: Reg, for God’s sake! It’s perfectly simple! All you’ve gotta do is to go out of that door now and try to stop the
Romans nailing him up! It’s happening, Reg! Something’s actually happening, Reg! Can’t you understand? Oooh!
Door: [Sound of Closing]
Reg: Yeah, hello. Another little ego trip from the feminists…
Rogers: Hrm.
Loretta: What?
Francis: [Whistle]
Reg: Oh, sorry, Loretta. Uh, read that back, would, you?

Warning Brief nudity totally non rule 5 at the .50-1:10 This stuff starts at 8:59

MSNBC what did we learn:

8:59 a.m. Mika called it a very strong message that’ll show em!

I think they are at stage 3 of the foreign office method. Sir Humphrey would be proud!

Hotair headlines reacts, gateway pundit posts.

My reaction: Statement of common principles #12

12. Israel should not be expected to risk another Shoah for the sake of the national interest of any other country.

If the president simply said that it would have a greater deterrent on Iran than anything the three stooges said this morning.

Update: John Miller makes a good point:

Remember the central rationale of Obama’s decision to cancel the missile-defense sites in the Czech Republic and Poland?

I should have brought it up first, but I’m too excited.

Update 2: Yup Beck is wrong about McCain:

Claude Rains would be “shocked” to learn the Iranians have an undisclosed nuclear enrichment site…

Wars come first and McCain gets it. Watch out John, Captain Ed might sue.

Update in detail at Hotair:

As for Russia, they still see Iran as critical to their economic health, so don’t expect much from Moscow. Earlier this week, they sounded fatalistic about new sanctions, and some wondered if Obama hadn’t worked out some quid pro quo based on the shift on missile defense in eastern Europe. Instead, it looks as though Obama may have shared this intel with Russia, which is probably how Iran found out about it.

Hey we don’t have to worry, didn’t the president take care of Nukes yesterday at the Security council?

Update 3: Cripes even Talk Left is worried.

Update 4: Firedoglake reports it. Check out the comments there, WARNING: Be sure you are not drinking while you do so.

Update 5: Tell me how this parody is less accurate than what Iran has actually said?

Dear suckers esteemed inspectors of the IAEA,

Ok I see the problem, “Suckers” is crossed out.

  1. curtis says:

    As a longtime McCain supporter (hopped on the Straight Talk Express circa 2000), I have to say, in the aftermath of the 2008 election, I’ve been quite saddened over the continued anti-McCain sentiment among Republicans. Robert Stacy McCain, bless his heart, is fond of getting in whatever jabs he can at the McCain campaign, which, while often technically correct, doesn’t do much for Republicans in our moment of weakness.

    The Republican base didn’t exactly make it easy for him, after all. I know we all had a lot of disagreements over his support for immigration reform, etc., but when it comes down to Barry the Barrister vs. War Hero #1, Republicans ought to get behind the latter.

    I saw a lot of “well, I should just vote for Obama since I disagree with McCain so much” style sentiment in 2008, and while I understand where it comes from, the damage that someone like Obama can do in even 9 months (see: those missing 1.5 trillion dollar bills) is so staggering that I can’t see how it at all justifies that kind of rhetoric.

    Ron Paul spent a lot of time on this track during the election, and frankly, an ideological zealot like that *really* should have known better. He disagrees with McCain on Iraq/Afghanistan, but he’s willing to take the massive elephantine healthcare reform bill just to get our boots out of the sand? What the hell, Ron?

    Anyway, just wanted to chime in with a long-winded “I agree with you” comment. This struck a chord in me over an issue that’s been bothering me since McCain won the ’08 primary.