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That’s one good get.

Good and fair article but she keeps calling Hanna her “Accomplice” that implies wrongdoing.

Joe talks about how it is amazing that he could do this, I can’t help but think of Kung Fu:

Old man how is it that you hear these things

Young man how is it you do not?

MSM how is it you did not do what he did?

Amazon Vine watch…

Posted: September 24, 2009 by datechguy in fun
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Today is the day that the new complete list of available stuff goes up on the Amazon vine program.

Starting around 10 (since my son’s car is in the shop and I have to bring him) I’ll be constantly refreshing the page there to see when the available lists change.

Yeah it’s kinda silly but why not?

BTW does anyone know where the Battlestar Galactica season one set that I’ve suddenly noticed on the shelf to the left of me came from? I never bought or borrowed it.

That Darn Cat

Posted: September 24, 2009 by datechguy in personal
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The family cat’s constant decisions lately to ignore the litter box and decide the carpets and wood floors are better target is not making a friend of me.

When the first thing you do in the morning is clean up after said cat it doesn’t do much for the love of animals.

on the moneyMy review of the New hardcover collection: The New Yorker, On the Money The Economy in cartoons 1925-2009 is available at here.

One of the odd things about this book that I didn’t think of when I was writing the review was the almost total lack of black faces in the cartoons. Before 1960 it might have been unsurprising (how much of wall street’s wealth was in the hands of people of color then?) but once you get to the 90’s and the 2000’s it seems kinda odd to me. And the only time a black Character in a cartoon is actually the subject of one it is a ball player being interviewed: “Hey, I’m just happy to be making an obscene amount of money.” (not a bad joke either)

Perhaps it is a assumption that wealth and power is held by a bunch of privileged White men, perhaps because a lot of the cartoons consist of the rich being either tweaked for pomposity or arrogance the natural political correctness of the modern cartoonist forbade it. Who knows.

That in itself is an interesting cultural study.

Oh and the best cartoon is from the last year on page 250.