And here is the Bell for round 7 McCain/Johnson (plus full disclosure)

Posted: September 24, 2009 by datechguy in internet/free speech, opinion/news
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As the bell for Round 7 rings Johnson using the VDH to set up what appears to be a solid defense:

Sorry to those who wrote me, but I can no more get on the anti-Johnson bandwagon than I could the birth certificate allegations about Obama

But alas the defense crumbles as Johnson refuses to link to the story defending him:

Thanks, Victor. But please follow this up, and take a look around at who you’re sharing web space with.

Or “thanks for defending me you person who associates with Racists.”

And that’s even before the Irony police were unleashed upon him

Meanwhile Robert Stacy opens with a right to the satire:

The FBI has already acknowledged that as many as 20 young men have disappeared from the Somali community in Minneapolis over the past two years, many believed to be recruited by people affiliated with the Islamic Flemish terrorist group, Al-Shabaab Vlaams Belang. . . .

Listen to Kejda Gjermani: Beware the Flemish Menace!

He then puts up a solid defense that if was used yesterday would have earned him a split in the scoring.

For decades now, the demographic approach of “white supremacists” (following the lead of Margaret Sanger) has been to promote efforts to suppress the birth rates of poor minorities — a campaign based on what more properly could be called fear than hate, but it doesn’t matter what you call it. Hate and fear are related emotions, both of which are contrary to my religion
As many authors — among them Ben Wattenberg and Mark Steyn – have explained, the root of the West’s demographic crisis, crucially relevant to many public policy issues, is the collapse of the birth rate since the 1960s. The West has embraced what has been called a “Culture of Death.”

“A culture that no longer has a point of reference in God loses its soul and loses its way, becoming a culture of death.”
– John Paul II, Jan. 1, 2001

The consequences of this anti-life philosophy are predictable.

Nice defense but trying to butter up the judge by quoting the pope gotta watch out for that.

He then throws a feint to Kejda that hides a roundhouse from Cynthia Yockey

Johnson, in his post yesterday, is using the “waving the paper” technique that trial lawyers employ. To wit, wave a random piece of paper and claim it is damning evidence. If the witness does not demand to see it — and discover it is no such thing — a guilty one will then confirm the existence of the damning evidence by reacting to it. So Charles put up a bunch of links purporting to prove Stacy McCain is a racist — Stacy already explained they do no such thing on account of the fact that he is not, and never has been, a racist — so the trick didn’t produce a confession. However, the effect of the post on Stacy is to waste his time forcing him to reply. Plus, I suspect what Charles was really playing to is the court of public opinion, which will NOT investigate the truth of Charles’s “evidence” or read Stacy’s defense but will say, “Why, Charles lists so many links that he must be right.”

the whole thing is pretty heavy. And then comes the the block and counter on the Hanson thing:

Glenn Beck and Tea Party people are not loving Western Civilization in the “Right Way,” according to Charles Johnson. Nor are Geller, Spencer, Diana West, Richard Miniter, Jim Hoft, Baldilocks, Pajamas Media, Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, etc. As I said early on in this engagement, the extremist ideology which Johnson demands that all of us must accept is Charles Johnson supremacism.

Well, Professor Hanson, here I must draw the line. Nothing that might be gained by acceding to this insulting demand could compensate the dishonor involved in abandoning so many friends who have in the past two years suffered from the wickedness of Charles Johnson, whose superiority I refuse to acknowledge.

You shall not have other gods besides me. Exodus:20:3

It’s always a good idea to have God as your co-pilot. It’s even a better idea to butter up the Judge.

Charles makes an interesting counter, rather than attacking he keeps his previous links on the top to make them permanent. Clever in that it makes the accusations viable to any new user to plant them as “facts”. Also saves him the trouble of backing the stuff up.

Stacy stops the attempted Johnson rally cold. McCain wins 10-9. Scoring 68-64 McCain after 7.

Full disclosure, Robert Stacy called me today. It is the first time I’ve ever talked to him, I’ve never EVER met any prominent blogger socially, and the only ones I’ve talked to in non-social environments we’re HiWired podcast interviews.

We talked for nearly an hour and his post on the matter has only one minor error, the neighborhood is where my Grandfather had his barber shop, not where he lived. My sister lives in his old house and sleeps next to the room my mother was born in. The title of his post is a direct quote from me and I’m happy to stand behind it.

And yes I asked the question directly man to man, he answered man to man and I believe him. For me personally; the fight is over, but as a fair Judge I’ll do my best to score subsequent rounds as they take place fairly.

Secondly: Robert Stacy signed my Statement of Common principles, (and listed his corollary). Using the LGF e-mail system I sent Charles a copy of the statement and gave him permission to use it if he wished. I personally believe there is nothing in it he can’t agree with.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I would rather have Charles in our corner on the War on Terror than not, I would rather have Charles on the side of Israel than not. If we aren’t getting along the earth doesn’t shake, When in my opinion he defames Stacy he is acting dishonorably I expect Stacy to hit and keep hitting him for it…

..but the guys trying to kill all of us are going to be happy to kill any of us. This is a vital truth. As Americans I expect all of us are going to do our best to keep ANY of us from suffering that fate.

If our foes attempt to harm any of us from Glenn Reynolds to Jane Hamsher it’s an attack on all of us. If they succeed in hurting any of us it s a matter to be avenged.

  1. Peg says:

    A generous and truthful statement. Although I may disagree incredibly strongly with the beliefs of other Americans – I wish them no harm; from within or outside our borders.

    Part of the miracle of our nation is the ability to freely express our views without fear of harm for doing so. That is part of what has appalled me so much at LGF recently…. People who disagree with Charles and the others are booted. It didn’t seem to be that way a while back….

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