McCain/Johnson round 6

Posted: September 23, 2009 by datechguy in internet/free speech, opinion/news
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…and here I thought it was over after the ref checked the corner to see if Johnson was going to come out for a 6th Johnson shows he still has offense left in the tank.

Robert Stacy starts strong as he has continued to snark at Charles with jab after jab after jab both at his own site and at Hotair with this post and the fans are starting to cheer for him.

After rounds of swinging at others Johnson finally counters with a flurry of lefts (southern poverty law center) which do little damage and some heavy rights Particularly Bill White and (and those guys are Nazis, the real thing!)

The White & overthrow swing rope a dope and is blocked since he takes the McCain quote is totally out of context and Chucky doesn’t link to the actual post that would reveal it so. links but he gets one good punch in with the cache page on Race and teenage pregnancy.

Here it lands. Reading the article the stats themselves are not in dispute and demonstrated what “great society” managed to do in just a few decades to the black family when the Klan failed to do it with a century of trying. The tone of the article is really bad. Teen pregnancy is bad because of the general lack of fathers and the effect on family. The effect on demographics is irrelevant. It’s the lack of fathers and stable families that are the problem. And the focus on White demographics misses the point in the same way the BNP missed the point that John Rhys Davis made about radical Islam.

That one is a blow and Stacy’s initial counter is light:

Pay close attention, idiots: Just because I haven’t bothered to deny something doesn’t mean it’s true. The burden of proof is on the accuser, and good luck proving some of the things you have so flatly asserted. There are facts. And there are witnesses.

Johnson plays to the judges with his personal White story and it’s just as disgusting as he says it is. Too bad it has nothing to do with McCain.

Until the counter comes Johnson’s counter gives him his strongest round since the 1st and he even manages to lay a glove or two on Obama to over Israel and get a blogger in England who isn’t Andrew Sullivan to back him up.

Johnson gets the round 10-9 Current Score 58-55 McCain after 6.

Update: I might have ended the round too Hasty Johnson Fires with Alan Colmes interview and only manages to establish the name that Robert Stacy posted under. If that’s being destroyed then the fights like a girl argument is looking better and better.

And we are forced to conclude that the any person who posts at a doctor who site as “Supreme Dalek” harbors the ambition to exterminate all life forms and rule the universe.

McCain’s counter is for a previous attack and is effective. No change in scoring and plenty of fight left to go.

Totally unrelated it’s very odd to hear a voice for the first time of someone you have corresponded via e-mail and comments for a time.. It never matches the one in your head.

  1. winston says:

    I was also banned on LGF for dinging down a thread… Chuckles Leftie Johnson is a disgrace…

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