Considering what has been going on today…

Posted: September 18, 2009 by datechguy in internet/free speech, oddities
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… this post by Glenn:

DEBASING THE CURRENCY REDUCES ITS VALUE: ‘Racist’ claims defuse once powerful word: With the word being used so often, it’s harder to define its meaning. Gee, do you think? You keep running the printing presses with nothing to back them up, and that happens . . . .

And the article it links to that starts with the following line:

Everybody’s racist, it seems.

got me thinking.

Considering my primary blogging Topic lately, this story from ace and this thread from LGF that I was involved in yesterday I’m wondering if Glenn’s post was coincidence or subtle commentary? After all he isn’t the blogfather for nothing!

And no my primary topic has nothing to do with Hannah Giles Bikini pictures, Hannah Giles photos, Hannah Giles videos or Hannah Giles anything else.

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