Arthur Carter Watch: And a point in the other direction

Posted: September 18, 2009 by datechguy in arthur vs carter, opinion/news
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Well after hitting the president for his decision on Missiles for a good chunk of the day comes a big win for the country

Law enforcement officials in New York have questioned at least 12 men about their connections to Zazi, who arrived in New York after a 1,777 mile drive from Denver. His trip to New York triggered a series of raids by heavily armed police and federal agents.

Authorities told that Zazi’s computer contained bomb-making directions and an explosives recipe that would have produced homemade bombs of the same size and type used in the terror attacks on the London subways in July 2005.

Not only has he been caught but he might be of use in the War on Terror:

The Afghan national at the center of a reputed Al Qaeda terror cell probe was trying to cut a deal Friday after two days of FBI grilling, sources told the Daily News

Now one could say that this investigation has been going on since last year, but President Obama is the man in charge and whatever he might be doing it certainly was right.

I will be opposing the president on a lot of his domestic agenda but as long as he guys continue successfully defending the nation his presidency will be an overall success. You don’t have to be friends to celebrate.

Carter 15/ Arthur 10

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