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Posted: September 17, 2009 by datechguy in internet/free speech
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concerning la-affair McCain/Johnson there is one other thing in the post worth noting:

Conservatives have nothing left but socialism…

“Conservatism” now isn’t about winning elections…

ah those Halacon days of April when Liberals thought one election added up to a permanent realignment.

No wonder they are still angry:

Of course, it is quite obvious right now that that’s not at all what the election was about. The Republicans had been screw-ups for a while, and with the failing economy (people tend to vote for the president based on the economy, which is only a tad smarter than voting based on the weather, but whatcha gonna do?), most people just felt they couldn’t reward the Republicans with leadership again. Also, many people were tired of the hostility between conservatives and liberals (though I’m not sure why Republicans got the blame, since we could have had bipartisanship if at any time liberals had decided to stop being a bunch of screeching ninnies who mindlessly opposed whatever Bush was for). Then came along Barack Obama, who promised non-specific hope and change, and everyone was like, “Non-specific hope and change sounds like a great idea!”

But now we can see the problem. After Barack Obama was elected, he started doing specific things. Liberal things. No one voted for that, so Obama’s approval ratings have dropped faster than those of any president before him. And you can see why liberals are so frustrated. They had a charismatic liberal overwhelmingly elected with Democratic majorities, and even he is utterly failing to sell liberalism to the American people.

This was the best chance they could ever possibly imagine, and it’s already pretty much over. Liberal ideas are still in the ghetto. While conservatives can still openly call themselves conservatives and argue directly for things they like (such as gun rights and free markets), liberals still have to run from their label and never dare say out loud the things they want

And I forgot about this part:

The far-left (like the Kos Kids) didn’t even like Obama in the beginning of the Democratic primary; they liked Edwards (because of how smart they are).

Well you can’t blame the Kos kids, after all the MSM covered Edwards the same way they covered Jones and Acorn.

Ah Memories….

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