LGF and the Daily Dish a short history

Posted: September 17, 2009 by datechguy in internet/free speech, oddities
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Sept 16: The Daily Dish

The pioneer of the anti-Jihadist blog, Little Green Footballs, is repulsed by some of the developments on the populist, racist right. He’s right to be; and has the courage to say so. For that he is subjected to the usual mau-mauing. Check out his blog. It’s an Yglesias Award in motion

LGF Feb 17th:

There’s nothing like a left-handed compliment from Andrew Sullivan to totally creep you out.

The Daily Dish Dec 8 2008:

LGF and Michelle Malkin are gleeful because I called Andrew out over the Palin baby rumors, but I can’t imagine that either blog would ever allow this type of open debate.

LGF Dec 9th 2008:

http:/The key word in his response is “imagine,” because he apparently has an imaginary LGF in mind.

But “debating” a loony conspiracy theory? Hey, the Daily Dish has lots of that!

LGF April 5 2008:

Not a shred of the post-9/11 Sullivan remains; all that’s left is a rhetoric-spewing empty shill for “progressive” causes.

And finally July 1st 2006 lgf

Andrew Sullivan’s struggle with raging Bush Derangement Syndrome is over, and BDS won. He’s now become indistinguishable from Daily Kos

By the Lydia theory this poses trouble for the his blog.

Via Ace

I’m still hoping for an El-Cid ending to all of this with Charles in the role of Prince Alfonso.

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