How the Charles Johnson Robert Stacy McCain fight has changed (almost) changed the world

Posted: September 17, 2009 by datechguy in internet/free speech, opinion/news
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Firedoglake April:

or, Lord help ’em, Charles Johnson (to whom I will never link, even by bankshot).

Firdoglake yesterday:

It seems that the unlinkable Robert Stacy McCain has developed a worse case of the red-ass than usual because LGF’s Charles Johnson has been talking shit about him by calling a not-a-spade a not-a-spade.

You know you have fallen far when firedog lake backs you up, but one bit of advice for Tbogg. As Robert Stacy has pointed out his great grandfather was captured at Gettysburg, so putting Mr. McCain in a southern uniform is not going to insult him. Unlike a certain candidate, if he says he can no more disown someone than he can disown his own grandmother, he actually means it.

He still doesn’t link to Charles, that is a bridge too far for him. Unlike obliquely defending acorn.

Update: Ah two different diaries, that might make a difference.

Update 2: I can no more disown acorn

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