McCain/Johnson Round 3

Posted: September 15, 2009 by datechguy in internet/free speech
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Round 3 Johnson dances hitting the tea party protests magnifying the 1% crazy uncles.

Robert Stacy comes out snarking:

Patrick Swayze died before having the honor of being banned from LGF

That lands but Smitty’s snark misses weakly.

And then counters with a big one two combo in the same post:

Given the self-evident megalomania of Mad King Charles, no defense should be necessary. His one-man campaign to banish the entire blogosphere will soon end in a bunker beneath the bombed-out rubble of his Reich Chancellery. Nevertheless, I am grateful to so many good bloggers who’ve rallied unbidden to my defense

He mentions Pirates cove among others, but Teach is wrong it’s not BDS if it’s anything it’s Sullivan’s syndrome.

The second punch is with a feather but lands like a brick.

The secret to fighting a smear? Simple: Get right with God. All your sins are known by the ultimate investigative Journalist.

If you are unfairly accused, you are certainly not the first such case, nor the most important Victim in history. You have no right to complain, because even if you are innocent of the specific charge against you, you are not sinless and righteous…

…Hate is against my religion, and I am commanded to pray for my enemies. This is arguably the most difficult commandment, you see. “Thou shalt not” this, that and the other — relatively easy, compared to praying for Charles Johnson.

I give this Round to McCain. I score it 29-29 after 3.


A personal observation

When you have people willing to go on the firing line to defend you that is HUGE, I can personally say it gives you that George Baily feeling:

Right now That is Robert Stacy McCain, the richest man in the Blogosphere.

Update: The snark jabs keep landing they demonstrate why people pay money for Robert Stacy McCain columns, but don’t pay money for Robert Stacy McCain Bikini photos.

BTW the answer to the question in that post so far is 5 hits in an hour for using the phrase Hannah Giles Bikini photos. None for Mika Brzezinski bikini photos which shows that some people just don’t have eyes or don’t appreciate intelligent liberal women.

Update 2: Is this an oblique reference to this fight?

Update 3: Gateway pundit remembers the good old days.

Update 4: McCain throws another right via Founding Bloggers but he is grazed by it as well, Then another blow that one’s a doozy, Johnson doesn’t seem to notice but isn’t counter punching.

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