Andrew Sullivan needs to read this article…

Posted: September 3, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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…by D. K. Jammal in the Progressive Examiner.

When the Democratic Congress finally passes its Palinized, Obamagutted health care non-reform bill with nothing in it resembling cost control, competition, or anything remotely progressive, the epitaph should read:

“Here lies health care reform: killed by Facebook, buried by Obama.”

By Facebook. By Sarah Palin’s Facebook notes.

You don’t have to agree with Palin’s policies to be wowed by this — or to get a kick out of seeing the misogynist, working class-hating East Coast manchild geeks get their butts handed to them by this PTA mom. This is populism at its most stunning.

Whack job? Depends on your politics.

But lightweight? Ha! Whatever you say, Begala.

See you in 2012, private citizen Palin. Do your thang, babe. Lightweight your way right to the Oval Office.

Via Conservatives4Palin who should be very afraid if people on the left keep figuring it out.

BTW the most important line is the article is this one:

They should have ignored her, as they would do any one they really considered a rube with no credibility and no power.

That’s why the anti-Palin stuff always fails, not because she in unattackable, she is attachable. I think it’s pretty obvious how, but I’m certainly not going to tell them.

It fails because when they try to paint her as irrelevant you can see their palpable fear of her shining through. People without Sullivan’s syndrome can see it and know when they are lying through their teeth.

Presuming some great mistake isn’t make, if Palin is defeated it will be by guys like Jammal who recognize her for what she is and try to counter the argument.

  1. murph says:

    I agree that ignoring her is a viable strategy – she seems perfectly capable of going down the tubes on her own.

    If you’re going to seek high office, you should be able to stand up to the likes of Katie Couric.

  2. murph says:

    No, but it’s not like it was one interview. She’s got a lot of embarrassing video out there. Not just the tripping on the stairs or opening the wrong door kind – but genuine “I don’t know the answer video.

    Video that shows her lacking in intellect and experience.

    As Dennis Miller would say, there is one unpardonable sin in America – being bad on television.

    She keeps being being bad on TV. Her resignation speech must have been agony to her true believers.

    The Dems best strategy vs Palin is to encourage the belief that she is a viable candidate. Then she and her believers can take the GOP over a cliff.

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