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Posted: August 31, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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There are plenty of reasons to hit Olberman, but I think this is nitpicking:

The man who believes he’s got the top rated news program on cable told his tiny audience Thursday that the eldest Kennedy brother was “shot down in World War II.”

In reality, Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. was part of an experimental program called Operation Aphrodite that attempted to turn a bomb-laden plane into a remote controlled explosive device.

Kennedy was one of many pilots who lost their lives trying to make this program a reality.

I frankly never heard of Operation Aphrodite but if you watch the clip embedded in the link it is apparent that it was considered even more dangerous than a regular run.

As the clip shows the plane was on an offensive “bombing” mission (with the plane as a bomb) when it blew up. It is a really minor difference and wasn’t the focus of the segment.

And it certainly wasn’t a question of trying to pump up Joe. The danger of the mission actually enhances his rep.

I can’t see how it rates a Newsbusters post. Olby is wrong enough lets not sweat something like this.

Update: Now this is interesting but old.

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