Off to North Bridge and Mighty Subs…

Posted: August 28, 2009 by datechguy in personal
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…for the last full day that My kids and my wife have before they all head back to school or start college.

We try to picnic at North Bridge in Concord at least once a year. It is a wonderful and historic spot for picnicking and I recommend it highly to everyone.

Therefore blogging will abruptly stop for the day in an hour or two. I don’t do remote blogging often. I don’t have enough of a life to begin with (:c).

Oh and speaking of Mighty Subs and their 20″ subs if you don’t take my word about how awesome it is check out this blog. These guys decided to do the ENTIRE mighty subs menu and blog and review it each item.

The Chicken Cutlet is wonderful, only Linguine’s chicken cutlet in Marlborough can compare to it.

Of course if I can’t get you to go peacefully…

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