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…It’s a really big deal particularly since Baker is the only living ex doctor from the original series that hasn’t done audios since giving up the role, but I have one thing to say to the BBC:

hornet's nest the stuff of nightmares

Don’t you think you could have managed better cover art than this? Take a look at the cover art for the Big Finish series that I’ve reviewed over the last year. There is no comparison.

They should have hired Colin Brockhurst. This is why

Update: Here is the image I linked to:


…but it seems to me if Al Megrahi has cancer and is going to be dead in three months. Let the Libyans pay for his cancer treatment as he rots.

Under British law the brits would have to pay for his treatment as he dies, why should he get world class healthcare paid for by the people he murdered.

Now if the cancer stuff is a bunch of BS then that would be another story.

OF COURSE they are releasing his for political reasons. That’s how politics and diplomacy is done.

I have absolutely no problem with people who think the other way.

I’ll say this, if they give him a hero’s welcome then I’ll change my mind in a real hurry.

Update: Hero’s welcome I was wrong.

because they will ignore Fox when they point it out and they and other networks will not report it.

They are marketing to a niche. That niche will make excuses for stuff like this. It will not cost them anything.

I can’t help but remember a bit from Bernie Goldberg’s book Bias where they the video of a story concerning looting after a hurricane because all the people being arrested were black. The reporter was beside himself pointing out that all the police were black too as the nation being covered was predominantly black.

Well if your primary worry is not to be #1 you can make a good living off a niche market.. They will do just fine….


Update: Added links of others who commented on it.

Update 2: I still think they will get away with it. Their customer base doesn’t care.

Required praying

Posted: August 20, 2009 by datechguy in catholic
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When you claim to be a Christian in general or a Catholic in particular. You are required to pray for you enemies and friends.

As Americans we also have an obligation to recognize the difference between our political foes, and our actual enemies (such as Radical Islam).

If you are a Christian in general or a Catholic in particular we are obliged to pray for our president and our congress. Right or wrong, good or bad Barak Obama is my president, John Olver is my congressman and Ted Kennedy and John Kerry are my senators. If I am not praying for them then I’m not carrying the ball.

An excellent spot for a catholic to include government figures in a prayer is during the Sorrowful Mysteries third decade (Crown of Thorns) the traditional request is for “contempt for the world”. A honest politician should have contempt for the “world” and the influences of it and vote for what is right.

If we are going to claim Christianity’s mantle we have to follow through.