Oh and speaking of Big Finish Doctor Who reviews…

Posted: August 20, 2009 by datechguy in amazon reviews, doctor who
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b016_storm_big…Ben at Blogging the Classics has been reviewing the Doctor Who Big finish audios apparently in order. His latest review is for #16 Storm Warning.

If you want to get a second opinion on those different Doctor Who audio he is a good place to start. (My review of Storm Warning is available at Amazon.com here)

Oh and to give another Plug to Colin Brockhurst here is his alternate cover for this episode:

Copyright Colin Brockhurst

Copyright Colin Brockhurst

Is this guy good or what? I’d like to see his digital covers for Rich’s The Ten Doctors or Forever Janette

Btw worth mentioning that this episode introduces Charley Pollard played by India Fisher who as I’ve mentioned is about to end her record breaking Dr. Who run next month.

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