Why Matthews is focusing on the Birther stuff…

Posted: July 22, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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There is a simple reason why Matthews is focusing on the Birther stuff. It’s a variation of the reason why MSNBC spends all its time focusing on the minority republicans.

If they fail to focus on Republicans they have to focus on Democrats as the people in charge and thus the people who are at fault for the current situation.

The end result of focusing on attacks on Rush etc have created an additional demand for Rush and the arguments against Obama’s programs. Since public opinion is starting to turn they want to avoid featuring what is basically a series of successful republican arguments.

So if you won’t focus on what the democrats are doing and you don’t want to focus on republican arguments that have resonance what do you do?

You focus on the one argument that is off the wall, the argument that has the least credible supporters and are the easiest to be used to make their supporters look like fools, the “birther” argument.

The ultimate goal is to paint the tea party people with the same brush as the birthers so they will attempt to forge a link. I suspect the Ron Paul supporters will be an excellent tool for this.

Paul is mostly awful but his is correct on two significant issues, abortion and spending, many of his supports were at the Boston Tea Party that I attended. If I was Matthews et/al I would not miss a chance to paint all tea parties as an extension of this.

Update: Even worse it forces people like Charles Johnson to agree with Matthews. If the GOP chooses to embrace this then we are shooting ourselves in the foot.

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