Confirmation of Diagnosis: Bloggers Alzheimer’s aka Sullivan’s Syndrome

Posted: July 7, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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Dan Riehl has managed to confirm our diagnosis of Andrew Sullivan and the existence of Bloggers Alzheimer’s aka Sullivan’s Syndrome.

“My own view is that the mainstream media was absurdly soft on her inconsistencies and lack of qualifications.

Sullivan seems trapped in some unfortunate reality in which he so has to demonize anyone he’s opposed to politically, it really does suggest serious emotional issues of some sort. Whatever Sullivan may have been at one point, people who still believe he’s even a semi-honest broker in touch with objective reality are just fooling themselves.

No one in their right mind could possibly conclude the above about the media coverage of Sarah Palin and claim to have a genuine appreciation for an objective political reality. And what’s even more sad is that the web editors of a once prestigious brand like The Atlantic allow it to go on.

The quote is via Mac’s mind. I would warn the operator of that blog since he is planning a weekly Sullivan Statement post of the risks of repeated exposure to Sullivan’s Syndrome:

No current treatment is known for Sullivan’s syndrome but readers are advised to avoid prolonged exposure to the subject as the syndrome can spread to the point where the infected person can become the trigger for the syndrome in others.

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