Talisman Dungeon 1st impressions

Posted: July 1, 2009 by datechguy in fun, gaming
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talismandungeon Just picked up the Talisman Dungeon expansion. Since game night was yesterday I likely won’t get a full blown game in for at least a few days but here are some impressions at first glance:

The first thing that jumps out at you in the rules is the statement that the dungeon is the first of four surrounding regions that you can explore. That gives me high hopes for a city expansion.

The board’s 29 spaces are 4 more than the old dungeon expansion. Other than the treasure chamber and the summoning circle the spaces and effects are basically the same as the old game.

Instead of a straight teleport you battle a 12 strength/craft Lord of Darkness at the treasure chamber your teleport result is directly related to how you do. If you have great stats but just can’t get your hands on a talisman to save your life it’s an alternative choice to win, otherwise the extra treasures aren’t worth the risk.

One problem that might turn up is the size of the board, it is already a good size and this expands it from kitchen table size to dining room table size in my house. Basically a 9″ x 9″ square added. When all 4 expansions are made it will be one killer board.

This expansion really makes the game easier when you play with more than 6 which we always do.

More info is available online at Fantasy Flight Games or the ever popular Talisman Island sites.

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