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If you consider the short attention spans of Americans and the need for attention to keep the pressure on Iran the last few days have been really lucky for the Mullahs.

Between the Sanford affair, Farrah death and now Michael Jackson kicking the bucket the Iranian leadership couldn’t have planned for a better combination to keep the bodies off of western TV screens.

The fact that we are distracted so easily speaks volumes about us as a people, none of it good.

Amazon Revew: Rage Card Game

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rageMy review of the Card game Rage, is now available at here.

This is an excellent party game particularly if you are a whist player, and it’s under $8.

Ortiz Slump officially over

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So says David Pinto:

David Ortiz pretty much put any lingering doubts about the end of his slump to rest. He went two for three with a home run Wednesday night, and is now hitting .327 in June with six home runs and a .709 slugging percentage.

The thing that struck me the most about Ortiz’s slump is how much fans were cheering for him and hoping for him all through the slump. It was a rare thing to see him be booed. I’ve never seen a group of fans just pull for a guy without riding him in my life.

Red Sox fans have long memories:

And it still makes you smile years later,

In heaven there is no beer…

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…that’s why we drink it here in church.

Bottles of beer will be given to fathers who attend church, in an alternative “blessing” for Father’s Day.

Via the Curt Jester. I know Paul said to be all things to all people but I didn’t realize one of those things was a bartender.