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…but I plan to have reviews of several doctor who audios soon including parts of the key 2 time series and the new episodes that feature the 3 companions backfeature.

Meanwhile Rich’s comics blog has turned the Forever Janette/Doctor Who episode into at the very least a two doctor story as two of the vampire characters on seeing the Tardis (of the 8th doctor) flash back to a meeting with the 5th doctor in 1348.

If that’s not worth a visit to his site and a hit of the tip jar in these lean time for us Doctor who fans I’d like to know what is.

Oh and House of Palus is still really good too.

What a party

Posted: June 21, 2009 by datechguy in personal
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One bit of advice for a cool party:

Dunk Tank.

The Dunk tank was in constant use and other than one broken window from a ricochet it was an incredible success.

How much of one? When your totally sober wife gets in the dunk tank fully clothed at 9:45 p.m. with the tank lighted by car headlights you know everyone has had a lot of fun.

I was in on two separate occasions if you can afford it you will find it’s a world of fun, but try to lean forward since you don’t want your back to hit anything.

As for the rain the forecast suddenly changed, instead of it starting at 2 it didn’t start till after 8, plenty of time for a bunch of fun.

Who says you have to drink a lot for a good time?