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There goes Apple acting like a business again.

Posted: June 18, 2009 by datechguy in tech
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If this was Microsoft then it would be considered an example of an evil greedy corporation trying to maximize profit:

The Palm Pre has been riding fairly high on a wave of publicity since its launch just a few weeks ago, so much so that Apple seems to have decided that it might be prudent to take a little wind out of the smartphone’s sails by announcing that, although the new device’s claim to be able to seamlessly synch with Apple’s iTunes store may be true at the moment, that may not be the case for very much longer. Sound a little draconian? Sure enough, but business is business

Now I don’t have an issue with Apple behaving like a corporation trying to maximize profit, it’s their company. It just drives me crazy when people act like Microsoft is the source of all evil when they do the same thing. Apple is a business, it has always been a business and anyone who thinks it is some kind of altruistic non profit is deluding themselves.

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Harvey vs Morning Joe

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You know when I woke up today I put on Morning Joe and started to catch the news concerning flyswatting, the president’s polls etc and I happened to check the menu on the set and noticed that the 1950 movie Harvey staring Jimmy Stewart was on HBO.

I thought about it for a bit and decided that it’s very important to forget the silly troubles of the world for a few hours and not live for them, so Harvey is on the TV as I type. At the moment we are at the scene in Dr. Chumley’s office where Jimmy Stewart and the good doctor are discussing Harvey:

Fly specks, fly specks! I’ve been spending my life among fly specks while miracles have been leaning on lampposts at 18th and Fairfax!

It is important not to ignore the world but just for a time, it is very important to notice the little pleasantries of the world. Not Obama this or Iraq that or Letterman this or Gitmo that.

As I’ve been watching the movie it hits me that this is the entire theme of it.

The world is what it is; but usually your life is made up of moments not in Washington, London, Tehran. It is made up of moments in your house or apartment or at the corner butcher shop or the little diner/ice cream shop there. If you spend too much time worrying about the rest of the world all your life you will forget to live it.

And even on the worst of days when everything is pressing against you, if you find a bench in the park there is the sun or the rain and the beauty of life around you, the still small voice of God reminding you that although your problems may loom large life is good and it’s a gift.

That doesn’t generate a lot of hits but when they close the coffin they won’t says about you, boy he had a lot of hits.