Palin, Letterman now its official

Posted: June 16, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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Governor Palin has accepted the new revised apology offered by David Letterman.

There will still be a fire Letterman rally today as some think this too little too late:

The New York Times story also claims that protests aimed at pressuring CBS to fire Letterman have not yet had any effect:

CBS executives said Monday that they had exercised no pressure on the late-night star to offer any apology and that they had seen no real impact on advertisers from the protests.

This is why the campaign to get CBS to fire David Letterman must continue and expand with more and more people sending letters and e-mails of protest to CBS, Letterman’s sponsors and the sponsors of Letterman’s racing team to notify them that their products will be boycotted until Letterman is fired. It also will be important to send letters and e-mails of protest to anyone who appears on Letterman’s show to impress them that doing so will put a long-term stink on their careers.

CBS is still playing the “This will all blow over” card. No. It. Won’t.

Persistent, consistent effort on our part will persuade sponsors to drop Letterman’s show and CBS to fire David Letterman.

If we don’t take out this bully, we’ll be swarmed by the millions who will follow his example.

Read Ms. Yockey’s entire post, I can see her point and the idea of not giving up the advantage. It’s a legit position, it’s just not mine.

To me this whole thing is a question of honor The Governor was offended and called Letterman on it. Letterman’s response was insufficient so the Governor and her supporters persisted. Now Mr. Letterman has issued a 2nd apology and the Governor has accepted. As far as she is concerned honor is satisfied so the matter is closed. Who am I to say otherwise?

My goal wasn’t a scalp. My goal was to have the same rules applied to defend the honor of conservative woman in general and Governor Palin that would be applied if a a liberal woman’s honor was outraged.

We’ve shown that conservatives would not sit back and take it and believe me it’s been noticed by Mr. Letterman et/al. I don’t think we need a scalp to prove it.

Laura is with Cynthia on this one. Conservatives 4 Palin is with me and thus gets the last word:

So what did we learn from this past week? I think that the events of the last week have proven that conservatives need to fight back when they are slandered in the public arena; put the people making those claims or telling sick “jokes” on the defensive. Mr. Letterman was clearly in a deep hole, one he dug for himself. Now, clearly people can continue to pressure Letterman if they so choose. It is the right of the people to express their dismay with another citizen.

You know by now that I am a fan of quotes from Ronald Reagan. Here is one that I believe sums up this whole situation nicely:

When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.

Supporters of Governor Palin and women all across the country made David Letterman feel the heat and forced an apology.


Update: Treacher and the Captain are with me too.

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