Why fighting back works, even NOW comments

Posted: June 12, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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You know we’ve heard a lot about how conservatives have to sit back and take it, we have to become more calm. Today on morning Joe they are talking about how Republicans and conservatives have to change.

Under the advice of people like Peggy Noonan we would have just ignored all of this. The Governor would have yet again been the butt of a joke and de-legitimized in the back of American minds. (Which is the general idea.)

Instead Governor Palin fought back, conservative bloggers fought back appealing to the basic decency of people. True liberal feminists who value respect for women over party loyalty spoke up and slowly and surely the coverage went from “thin skined palin”, to “she had it coming” to “well nobody agrees with attacking a 14 year old” to the culmination of today NOW putting out a statement (although not without a jab to conservatives).

It is very hard now outside of NBC and MSNBC to find someone willing to defend Letterman, and if you do it on morning Joe you risk the wrath of Mika.

This is something that anyone can relate to and understand. That’s why it is so devastating.

This demonstrates why fighting back makes a difference and works. If you don’t think the advertisers are noticing what happened think again.

And if you are a liberal feminist you will see dividends.

So I repeat: Conservatives; Fight! take the words of U.S. Grant at the Battle of the Wilderness to heart:

“Bobby Lee this, Bobby Lee that! I’m sick to death hearing about Bobby Lee! You think he would do a somersault and land in our Rear! Stop thinking about what he will do to you and start thinking about what you will do to him! Bring some guns up here!” as quoted by Shelby Foote in The Civil War a Narrative

If Grant had thought like Frum & Co the US would be under two flags.

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  2. Ruthie says:

    “Fight” sounds wonderful, but a lot of people don’t know what it looks like to fight. Some suggestions: send CBS a letter. Go to cbs.com and link on the david letterman show and leave a “feedback” comment. Send a letter to David Letterman. Place an editorial in your local newspaper. Blog, blog, blog about it. Get involved by phoning CBS and speaking your dismay. Call their advertisers (anybody have a list so we don’t have to watch his garbage again?) and voice your concerns. “Fight” might also mean praying for our country, but don’t stop there. Get involved. Do something. Today.

  3. Jude says:

    She has a right to defend her family. It’s the most watch Sarah Palin video ever — she blasts Letterman makes Lauer seem lightweight. Watch, http://tinyurl.com/lmhjjg

  4. dave christensen says:

    Fight I will. Write frequently to newspapers. Put signs in your yard or porch. Let people know you are sick and tired of the sad state of affairs brought on by Obama, Behar, Frank, Pelosi, the likes of Letterman, etc. etc. Don’t be anonymous – sign your name and be proud.

  5. Rosita E. Asano says:

    You know this is not the first time Letterman made a sexual non-funny joke about one of Sarah Palin’s daughter. I was so angry the first time. I went into a website where they were asking tips for his biography. It could probably belonged to his fan club, but didn’t know how to get to into Letterman’s website. But regardless I decided to give them a tip or two. Hoping that maybe it could be passed on to him.

    So you think you’re being funny with your sexual joke about a teenage woman, you pervert. You and your girlfriend having a baby out of wedlock. What do you call a child born out of wedlock? Makes no different if the child was from a young couple or older couple. Just because you look like you’re a hundred years old doesn’t make it okay. Mr. Letterman you’re a hypocrite. And this is my tip for your biography.

  6. Tom Homsted says:

    As a conservative, I am a firm defender of free speech. Even someone as crude and tastless as Letterman has every right to say as he wishes.
    What I really find distressing is that so many people find this ass SO FUNNY!! SO CUTTING EDGE!! SO SOPHISTICATED!!!

    Sadly, one cannot fix stupidity Turn him off.

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  8. Tom Homsted says:

    I try to be a reasonable man, and live a life of quiet endurance as far as liberals bashing conservatives. The thing is, this is not about left vs right, it is about common courtesy, respect, good taste, class, and a host of other virtues of which Mr. Letterman appears to be completely devoid.
    I am not a political activist, but this was too far over the line. I have spent a good deal of time on my computer e-mailing CBS, Mr. Letterman’s sponsers, local CBS stations, and anyone else I can think of.
    I call on anyone who is reasonable, regardless of political position to join me. Can we change the world? I expect not much….But what the hell, maybe just a little…..

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