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Posted: June 12, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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You know what is really worse than being played for suckers?

The idea that you guys are a bunch of political junkies like me. And that you didn’t anticipate that a Chicago democrat would use you as suckers.

You assumed that the president was lying about his position so it didn’t bother you, after all you figured he was using your political foes as suckers.

The idea that a person who would be that dishonorable might not be trustworthy didn’t occur to you. The idea that a Chicago pol might use a group to his political advantage didn’t hit you. The idea that a man willing to publicly deceive hundreds of millions of people might not be “the one” to put your trust in was beyond you. Nah you were too sophisticated for all that weren’t you?

The fact that he didn’t follow through hurts (well hurts you, I after all don’t support or believe in “Gay Marriage”) but the idea that a bunch of smart savvy political types like yourself were taken for a ride, that’s gotta leave a mark.

Update: The Reclusive Leftist and I strongly disagree on this issue but I respect a person who refuses to be taken for a fool.

A person who you can honestly and openly disagree and argue with is worth ten of someone who says they have your back and then turns the knife. The fact that the president is with me on this issue gives me no comfort, I know that if it was to his political advantage he would flip in a second.

Update: removed redundant sentence

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