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Posted: June 12, 2009 in opinion/news
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…but even though it would be politically advantageous to push Letterman to the brink I’m not inclined to force him out, but I’ll tell you this…

…Every day that the mainstream media defends Letterman they lose credibility, and if the sponsors eventually force a stronger apology, a suspension or even a firing it will show the MSN for the paper tiger it is.

Cripes even MSNBC’s Morning Joe came out and said out loud what everyone already knew:

BRZEZINSKI: I’m telling you that when she came out on the scene I was– thought it was refreshing. I thought it was exciting. I thought it was interesting. And I also saw a lot of people behind the scenes looking for ways to find a way to bring her down because of her ideology. And I was excited by her ideology because I thought, wow, a very interesting, forty-something, my generation, working woman with five kids on the national stage could really inject something into this conversation about things like abortion.

She goes on:

BRZEZINSKI: What I hated was, what I saw happening behind the scenes, among my colleagues in the media, where there was this rabidness.

Peggy Noonan expands on this:

NOONAN: Yeah, they– Palin from the moment she came out, people looked at her kids and sort of went after the kids. It was vicious. It was offensive. It made me use in a column a word I wouldn’t normally use, rhymes with witch, talking about the people in the media who had just decided to gun for these kids. I mean, it was just awful.

This is being said openly on MSNBC! We even get it from Norah O’Donnell today. Even Megan McCain is defending Palin now.

This is Ted Williams playing Tee ball. As long as they keep putting the ball on the tee it will end up over the fence.

Update: Ace and Pursuing Holiness (via the green room) are still in a fighting room.

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